Dips and Pull-ups – Homemade Belt

Within the video below, I demonstrate how to build and use an inexpensive, yet strong belt for weighted dips and pull-ups.

In an entry from 2009, I posted a similar video where an individual had made a belt with pipe insulation. I used a thicker foam for my belt however to ensure comfort when holding heavy loads. It took just a few minutes to make and it has comfortably held over 200 pounds.

Close up images are available below for those interested:

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below.

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  1. Nice one Ross! I will make one next week. You cut the pool noodle with a knife to fit the chain right? Like a cut along the entire noodle, about half way through? Then just duck tape it right?

    Thanks for your excellent how-to`s!

    Bjorn Granum

  2. Hi Ross,
    I really enjoy your website, lots of inspiration and good ideas. I devised a very simple method for adding weight for pull-ups and ring dips using a karate gi belt. I tie it very loosely around my waist with a square knot, push the loop through a bumper plate and use a tennis ball for a stopper. I’ve only used this method for up to about 40 lbs but it feels very secure and I think it would work for a lot more weight. It’s quick to take on and off. Just push the tennis ball out of the loop and the plates fall off into your hands. Thanks again for your great website, I’m off to explore more of it.

  3. Great invention. I was going to buy a regular dip belt here in Houston for $39. I am going to make this tonight and use it.


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