Inspiration From Terence Haynes

As you will see below, Terence Haynes has a story to tell. Anyone who has ever struggled with weight problems should set aside 10 minutes to watch the entire video.

Here is a man who lost over 200 pounds in a year. During this time, he’s also gone back to school and competed as a collegiate wrestler. I like this story for many reasons. Haynes has shown that we all have the ability to reinvent our lives, rather than falling victim to past mistakes.

Critics may argue that he should have never allowed himself to reach 430 pounds, but such critics forget that we’ve all made mistakes. If you are reading this entry, you are human, which means that you too have made mistakes. It’s part of life.

Unfortunately, many who’ve made mistakes are still lost in the past. They honestly believe that it is impossible to change. They relate changing their life to a battle that cannot be won. Haynes has shown that the opposite is true. Making such a rapid and dramatic change at age 45 is truly incredible.

I’m sure there are others in his position who have already given up. Hopefully they can find inspiration from those such as Terence Haynes. They will realize that change isn’t exclusive to anyone. The only secret to change is diligence, perseverance, and consistency. If you want to change, get up and make it happen. There are no secrets or quick fixes. Get up, get busy, and stay busy. And if you don’t have time, make time. It’s there, you just need to look a little harder. We are all working with a 24 hour day. Busy people aren’t blessed with 36 hour days. From the standpoint of time, we all operate on a level playing field.

Haynes lost all of this weight while maintaining a busy schedule. He wasn’t training 24 hours a day. He was active with school and family, yet still found time to dramatically alter (and improve) his life.

Being busy isn’t an excuse to let your life slip away. Being busy simply means that you are just like the rest of us.


  1. Terence’s story is just great. At a young 45, to accomplish what Terence has done and is doing just shows not only that age is just a number but also that

  2. My favorite line from this blog is : we all have the ability to reinvent our lives

    That is so spot on! I don’t believe that we need to let our past define who we are in the now. We have the power to change who we are — no matter what our age!!!

    Great entry, Ross!


  3. As someone who has struggled with weight, I applaud this story. I recently undertook a change in my life (in June I weighed 450 lbs and smoked a pack a day). I’m not quite to his level, but stories like that help keep me going. Good find.

  4. This story is one of the top of many inspirational one’s for me. I feel like it’s more relatable for many people, even myself… Not the weight part, but the busy schedule part. I’ll admit, I’m not one for the inspirational story’s of people with disabilities that go through life leading fulfilling and amazing one’s; however, this one really touched me. Thanks for the post Ross, and amazing job done by Terence Haynes.

  5. Congratulations Terence! You’ve accomplished so much and you’re deserving of all adulations received! God Bless!!

  6. Absolutely inspirational.

    I’m in the middle of a transformation too. In January I weighed 305lbs, and I now weigh 270lbs. (I’m 6’5”). I have days when everything seems to be going against me, and I just sit there and think I’m not going to the gym today, or I’m going to have that junk food.

    Next time I have one of those days, I’m going to watch this video. You only get one life, so I’ve got to maximise each day like Terrance.

  7. This is the most inspiring message I have ever heard in my entire life! Who can say they have accomplished this much in their life? Truely, consider the trial to truiumph here. Terence is amazing and I respect him more than any man I know. I will stand behind these words forever. To all who seek inspiration, you can do it, just don’t give up!

  8. What a great story of perseverance, determination and achievement!

    I have a similar story. I’m 59 and weighed 308 at my highest weight. I’ve lost 39 pounds and need to lose another 75. I’ve been doing the weight loss with just diet alone and it is taking forever. I have some physical issues that keep me from walking and running, so I will try to hit the heavy bag after I do some more research so I can do it correctly.

    Thanks, Terrence, so much for your invigorating and encouraging story.

  9. It says something about the guy that when he hit his target he exclaimed “This is only the beginning!”

  10. This man would send US$2500 per month on food making his body grow to a massive 430lb (195kg). Then he turned his life around by losing over 200 pounds in one year. Inspiring story, of a man with the will to live.

  11. WOW. This hit me differently. When I first heard the name, I thought I know that name? Guess what….I do.
    Terrence and I both started at Baldwin-Wallace College the same year and I too played football with Terrence. I never knew what happened after his freshman year and now I do! Great job fighting back buddy! Go Yellow Jackets!!!!!!

  12. Thank you very much for this story. I`m planning to loose the 60kg (132lb) I gained in the past three years for various reasons. I will start were I stopped – using the Infinite Intensity book.
    Again, thanks for this motivational story!

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