Suspension Trainer Update (Slipping Straps)

Below is a brief update to the previous suspension trainer tutorial that I posted in February. Since posting the original, I’ve had several questions come through about straps that were slipping through the cam-buckles. If you have dealt with a similar problem, you will find what is often a simple solution.

In case you are not familiar with the original tutorial, you can check it out here:

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below.

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  1. Ross, what do you think about ratchet tie downs instead of cam buckle? are they also suitable? In the UK the stronger tie downs tend to be ratchet.

  2. I’ve used many cam straps for workouts and at work. I’ve had hardware store cam buckles slip. I have had a lot of luck with 1″ polyester straps. Never slips and inexpensive. I cannot recommend them more. Awesome customer service. I am only a customer of theirs, no other affiliation whatsoever.

  3. Ross, brilliant vids – thanks for inspiration! Picked a few ideas for my own and my clients’ training.
    One question: how on earth do I bring myself to starting position with arm stand strap pushup (as seen at 7:47 of original tutorial)? All the best

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