Suspended Wrist Roller Tutorial

The video below demonstrates how to suspend a wrist roller overhead without a power rack. The original idea comes from this video. It was emailed to me by someone interested in building a smaller version to fit inside a door entrance.

Upon building the smaller version, I’ve come across a few design tips that I believe will be useful to anyone interested in taking on this project. The suspended roller works quite well and is actually more difficult than the the axle mounted version that I’ve demonstrated before (see here).

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below.

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  1. There are no loops. As seen within the video, the PVC is cut to allow space on each side. Therefore, a small amount of iron pipe will be exposed on each side of the PVC. The small available space is where the hooks from the tie-downs will be suspended.

  2. Ross, so the apparatus consists of an iron pipe + the pvc pipe slipped onto the iron pipe? The PVC pipe diameter will have to be larger than the iron pipe to allow for the turning to happen, right? Does the set up bend at all in the middle when using heavy weights?

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