1. I always love Ross’s video. Ross how about a power video of you doing some of those heavy dips,deadlifting and heavy dumbell work. I amazes me of your power that you have for your size and that you don’t train for that completly. I think power guys should look more into your methods.


  2. Awesome video!
    I am utterly amazed how easily you are able to do standing rollouts. Its insane. I still can’t do a full one and I see you do them weighted with one hand! Are you human?

    I find one arm chins easier than standing wheel rollouts and I always thought my abs were strong. I guess I’m gonna have to start training these like you demonstrated in the video.

  3. Helpful as always! this has solved my little dilema. thanks again for putting out the stuff you do. much appreciated.

  4. Wow, those “decline?” ramp roll outs look grueling. I may have to use this to take my core strength to the next level. Well done for the DIY on the fitness hardware.

  5. Great ideas, i can’t do a standing roll out but i got tired of counting knee roll outs. This vid has some great progression ideas

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  7. Ross – How many roll-outs from the knees would one need to be able to do before starting the standing roll-out progression on the ramp?

    1. Kneeling to rolling is a huge difference, but I’d say that you should at least be VERY comfortable performing 15 to 20 kneeling rollouts without too much trouble.

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