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After receiving requests for everything from thongs to sweatshirts, I have added several apparel options within the link below:

Unlike my previous shirts, I will no longer be shipping these items directly. Everything has been outsourced through a print-on-demand company. I can therefore add many more styles based on whatever you’d like to see.

In regards to shipping, the link above is to a US based store. While the store can ship all over the world, I am currently exploring the possibility of adding a similar shop that would ship shirts directly from Europe. Such an option should allow for less expensive postal rates for those overseas. If the interest is there, I will try to get something set up in the next few days.


  1. This looks pretty cool i have to say.
    and i didnt think youd actually be selling thongs for real haha. not that i want one !

  2. Great idea Ross, a European based shop would be a great addition! Spreadshirt also operates out of Germany 😉

  3. ross,

    A european shipping store will be great for me! I live in the uk and any discounts in shipping will be great.

  4. I thought you were only joking about the thongs lol. Yeh I would be intrested in the European based shop, the hoodies look awesome

  5. What is this? No thongs for men?

    Damn it, I suppose I’ll have to keep training nude.

    Ross, I am very disappointed.

  6. The new product looks awesome. Great additions. Any chance you will add the old WARRIOR shirt to the lineup?

  7. @Luis – They can ship anywhere in the world. They can also ship to Europe. I am simply looking to create a more local option for European orders to save on shipping costs. The store can ship anywhere though.

    @Collin – I attempted to use the Warrior design but the artwork was not approved for their printing process (it was a technical issue with the eps file).

  8. Ross,
    Great new clothes, but my favorite shirt is your “Warrior” shirt. Any plans to bring that design back?

  9. Really want to order a couple of t-shirts and hoodies, but wouldn’t mind saving on shipping costs, so bring on the European shop!

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