Mike Tyson Training

I’ve posted several Mike Tyson videos in the past, but below are two compilations that have not been featured. The first contains footage of Tyson training as an amateur and pro. You will see Tyson in his prime as a young fighter. These clips were filmed long before he ran into problems later in his career.

As you will see throughout, Tyson did not train in a state of the art facility. The majority of his work is actually quite basic. He spent a considerable amount of time training the sport itself. He sparred regularly, hit the bags, hit the mitts, and worked with his trainers on specific tactics. He also performed traditional activities such as running, rope work, and calisthenics. Tyson didn’t become Tyson because he was training with an exercise or routine that no one else knew. He’s yet another example of a fighter who thrived on the basics (like this).


  1. He was so badass – video made me feel sad. Recently seen him talking about his love of pigeons and raising them. He seems like he is in a better place now.

  2. Mike is a classic example of commercial abuse in sport today. An absolute abuse of a talented yet vunerable man who`s legacy should rank him among the greats of boxing,not a circus act who finished his career defeated by a journeyman who would barely have been skilled enough to be a sparring partner of Mike`s.Lets hope Mike finds peace in his heart and soul.A great warrior who suffered many abuses by people who disregarded their duty of care. A great video package . Thank you Ross as always

  3. Thanks Ross,

    I’ve always been fascinated by Tyson. Such an incredible spirit. I mean, he lived his inner chaos out loud, he channeled his passions and abuses for good and for bad.

    I could see a man struggling with his demons right out in public and fighting them so hard that at times he became a champion and at others times they would beat him down and he would lose to the likes of Kevin McBride.

  4. Thanks Ross.

    I love Tyson’s style-the brutality and aggression of his fights in his prime.

    The media thrives on controversy (it all began with the gossip jouranl culture started by Walter Winchell-arguably as a means to create a culture of misinfo in news aka the asinine way the media is today) but, none of those jerks were in the ring or having to deal with the business side of boxing like Iron Mike. People can criticize him but, they cannot touch his level of greatness. I think he was the best heavy weight to ever live. Iron Mike-the greatest ever!

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