DIY Resistance Band Handles

Within the video below, I demonstrate how to create a handle for loop style resistance bands (Ex. Iron Woody Fitness bands).

The handle consists of two 5 1/2 inch pipe nipples, two 1 1/2 inch pipe nipples, and three 90 degree connectors. I have also wrapped the handle with tape. The smooth tape was added as a preventive measure to avoid damage to the bands. All points that make contact with the bands are now smooth.

Later in the video, a piece of pipe is used to demonstrate additional exercises (ex. a seated row, a tricep exercise, and a band slam).


  1. Good stuff Ross! I had to LOL when you demonstrated the band slam at the very end. I love the intensity and no holding back work ethic.

  2. Good description of the problem Ross. I’ve been using a “D” handle with a large carabiner to hold the bands. It does become necessary when using multiple bands.

  3. Ross, i just love it that you´re very active with the blog posts.

    Would a PVC Pipe handle also be possible?

  4. great info, i started using a 18″ long x 2″ diameter pvc pipe for some of these exercises as a thick bar, it’s a great option as well, really taxes the grip. Also, if I can explain this well, I like to use a towel for some exercises. Consider the press… some people simply rest the bar in their hands and use an open grip with no squeezing tension in their hands. I like to crush the bar when I press. I guess it’s a preference. So, when using bands for presses, loop a hand towel, or t-shirt, through the end of the band, like Ross did with the pipe handle, but the ends of the towel overlap a bit in your palm, and the middle of the towel is crossed by the band. To press this way you must crush the ends of the towel with peak tension in your hands, so it hits your grip as well, or it will simply flop out of your hands. That way works great for presses, but for pulls, you don’t have to loop towel in your palm, just grab the towel like rope pull downs or something. I also like to use two medium bands with a towel looped through each, one in each hand, as a different option for some exercises instead of one strong band, more unilateral I guess. I hope this makes sense and gives someone some useful ideas. Thanks Ross.

  5. Can anyone suggest what type of bands to use for band training? Should they be closed loop or strip bands? What is the proper length to buy?


  6. The bands seen in the video are closed loop (41 inches). Common suppliers are Iron Woody Fitness and Jump Stretch.

  7. Hi Ross, I felt i should tell you that your iso diy site is without doubt the most helpful ive had the pleasure of finding. Today nothing is for free but you certainly cant be told that on your web site, your ideas with the board and chains are wonderful, thank you for sharing so much.
    Best regards PHIL.

  8. Ross, thank you very much for this tip. I just built a couple handles just as you described and used them today. They worked great! For aesthetic purposes, I wrapped the 5.5 inch nipples with colored (yellow) electrical tape, then the rest in black.

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