Competing At Any Age

Below is a recent video of a woman who I have blogged about before. As stated previously, this woman did not begin exercising until her late 50’s. As you’ll soon see, she is now a powerlifting record holder for her age and weight class. She is still going strong with no signs of letting up.

When I first read about Gayle, I was amazed at her ability to progress so quickly despite such a late start in life. Let me remind you that she’s in her mid-60’s and did not begin lifting until 2003. Her story certainly gives hope to those who believe it is too late to start something new. Perhaps even more importantly, she reminds us that we can continue to compete at almost any age.

I see many former athletes who have lost motivation to train as they believe their chance to compete has expired. The reality however is that there are still competitive outlets for athletes of any age. It is incredible for me to see a woman in her 60’s who has just recently started to compete as a powerlifter.

Gayle has approximately 30 years on me. To think that I have three decades before I reach the point where she has really just begun is mind boggling. I personally don’t have any interest in powerlifting, but it is nice to be reminded that I can always seek new challenges later in life.


“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” – Benjamin Mays


  1. That is indeed a very inspirational video! I am 59 and have not missed a day training since I started in 1978–and i do mean not one day. I have been lifting, jumping rope, running, biking, swimming, and roller blading ever since.

  2. Wow, this is just such a motivation booster! The next time I feel like I am getting to old this is where I’ll look. Wow. I have friends who feel bad about starting late in life with exercise and they’re only thirty or so. This shows its never too late to get achieve the physical fitness goals that you want.

  3. hi ross, i like the way you include the older athletes on your site. i am 60 and have been working out for 50yr.boxing, martial arts, handbalancing and strength training. i am always finding new challenges and your site is a constant source of ideas and inspiration. i recently had lunch with dan lurie who at one time held the world records in continuous pushups and bar dips.stil healthy and sharp as a tack at 88.still doing something everyday. my martial arts teacher is 93 and still exercising an walks 3x a day. it is good at my age to still have others to look up to.
    regards, peter.

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