Slider Exercise Tutorial

Since posting the original furniture slider video, I’ve received several follow up questions that I hope to clarify through the tutorial below.

The tutorial begins with a discussion about where to purchase the sliders and their longevity. Several exercises are then demonstrated beginning at the 2:40 mark within the video. Many of the exercises were not included in the original video from 2010.

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below:

Homemade Exercise Equipment Archives


  1. Thanks for the updated tutorial Ross. I’m definitely going to find me a pair of sliders. The exercise selection is endless. A great strength and conditioning tool and only $5.00. I can’t believe people spend $1,000’s of dollars on equipment. Your site is awsome, inspiring and very educational.

    Thanks again, and please keep posting more articles and videos. We can’t get enough!

  2. Awesome ideas with the furniture gliders. An alternative I thought of to these could be cloth plus non-carpeted flooring. Say you have tiling or wood. You could perform the same exercises with socks on your hands/feet, a facecloth under each hand, an old tshirt/rag, etc. Infinite number of alternatives and ideas. That way there’s no excuse for someone to say they can’t go out and buy a pack of gliders or they don’t own a rug!

    Thanks for the video Ross.

  3. Don’t know if anyone else is in my boat, but I have no carpet. The carpet furniture sliders do work kind of OK on some exercise mats but certainly there’s more friction than on a carpet. Friction = resistance so I guess it’s OK.

  4. Ross,

    I’m loving this new direction with regards to your videos. It’s great to finally hear the man speak – I’ve been following your vids for some years, and the only other time I’ve heard you say anything was when you uttered those now famous words – “You’re gonna have to do BETTER THAN THAT MY FRIEND.”

    If you ever make it down to Australia make sure you let us know in advance via your blog, as there are plenty of people down here that would pay good money to hear what you have to say.


  5. This is the first time I came across this website. It is great. I love the idea of minimal but very effective equipment. Is there any advice for an older woman in good health but not terribly strong.
    How should I begin? I’ve been given the go ahead by my doctor but he probably thinks I’m going to take a Zumba class..

  6. This is the first time I came across this website. It is great. I love the idea of minimal but very effective equipment. Is there any advice for an older woman in good health, but not terribly strong? How should I begin?I have been given the go ahead by my doctor but he probably thinks I’m going to do something more typical, like Zumba.

  7. I know that this exercise equipment can be used in a number of different fitness training routines and Ross, you shared some excellent angles on how to use these slides! Appreciate for sharing!

  8. You make it look too easy!

    I’m also in favor of the new tutorial style. It should help to generate more exposure for your site. You aren’t just a cyborg who trains, but also one who is articulate and intelligent!

  9. Great stuff. I have used sliders in the boot camp I frequent. I love how your getting this information out there and making cool, alternative, functional training more accessible to people. I’m using the suspension rig you highlighted everyday. All the best.

  10. @Brian, dude that’s the last thing I heard him say too.
    I’m also really glad Ross said his last name in this video, now I know how to pronounce it!

    Ross, thanks for years of awesomeness! Keep it coming!

  11. For those who have no carpet, there is a type of slider made for hardwood or other hard floors. The bottom is covered in felt. Basically, it reverses the surfaces so that you still have one hard surface and one soft surface. You might need to wax your floor regularly to minimize friction – a little more work than waxing the bottom of the regular sliders. They cost about the same as the sliders in the video. I got some at Ace Hardware (which also carries regular sliders).

  12. Great tool. However, as I discovered it is definitely not a good idea to use them on a hardwood floor as the sliders scratch the floor. It might be worth mentioning that the sliders work best on carpet.
    Thanks for all your ideas.

  13. always great stuff from you Ross! thank you!

    this isn’t directly related to your post, but I would like to hear how you combat the issues of ageing, from 25 onwards. you know, issues like injuries, gradual loss of agility, strength etc.

    not saying that there’s won’t be improvement beyond a certain age, but it’s an accepted fact that beyond 25, the body has reached it biological limitations.

  14. I found a smaller,circular slider package of 4 at Lowe’s. They came with with a slip on carpet-like cover that works great on the concrete floor of the garage.
    Thanks,Ross for the idea!

  15. @Jake – No, this particular slider type will not work on concrete. I actually have an old roll of carpet that I lay out when using these in the garage gym.

  16. Great slider workout! Thank you!
    For those without carpet, a $5 area rug or runner works great. You can roll it up and put it under the bed when not in use. The slider workout is worth the extra money spent on a rug instead of trying to modify it with socks or wash cloths. The sliders have the best glide.

  17. What do u do if u have rugs on your floor? Also i have extensive bone spurs throughout my spine. Some in the cervical area and Lumbar, L1 through S1, with a herneated disc L5-L6. How can i strenghten these areas. I refuse to let this beat me. I recently joined L.A. Fitness, primarily because they have a large pool. I did 20 laps and then felt light headed, I’m diabetic as well. So i knew that was the problem. I asked the manager for my bag and he put it on the floor. As i went down to reach for it, i immediately tweaked my left back and still have the pain the next day. Please tell me what can I do to strengthen my back.I’m 51 years young. really! I’ve been told many times that i look 35. What can i say? It runs in the family. Lol

  18. What a great find I have in browsing the net, I’ve found your tutorial video on slider and how to use it and where I can buy it. Thank you so much for uploading it and sharing to us. It’s a big help to us who don’t have time to go to the gym. Keep us posted for more information and more tips. Thank you and more power Ross

  19. Damn you covered all the bases with those exercises even incorporating some pulling movements. I have to get me a couple of pair of those babies and try some of those exercises, although I’m probably not in good enough shape to do half of them. Thought these would be an excellent way to do bodyweight Versa-Climbers and are a great alternative to the abdominal wheel and a much cheaper alternative to buying a Power Wheel.

  20. Ciao Ross ,sono qui a scriverti per far sapere a tutti che , dopo aver acquistato l’ultimo tuo DVD “jump rope conditioning for athlete” ho riscoperto l’estrema efficacia di un allenamento stile Ross e ovviamente stile vecchia scuola . Sono convinto che nel “nostro” mondo ci sono migliaia di persone che guardando i tuoi video tutorial e rivivono delle cose gia vissute , ma , solo tu hai saputo trasmettere al mondo le tue esperienze . Oggi tutti parlano , per esempio , dell’efficacia nelle arti marziali del fatto che bisogna affrontare la realtà come essa è e non secondo uno stile , tutti ne parlano dicendo che questo pensiero è dentro il loro stile da secoli e secoli ma , solo Bruce Lee ha saputo dimostrarlo e trasmetterlo . Con Ross Enamait succede la stessa cosa! Niente chiacchere e continua cosi! Respect!

  21. Thanks Ross for the ideas. Now i do these regularly.
    I just use a well-used towel on a reasonably smooth floor. Friction adds to difficulty as well.
    Once i used my son’s discarded bibs as well.

  22. Great vid Ross, definately going to get me some of these sliders. Never even knew they existed. I’ve been using towels for years to move furniture…who knew!!
    However will be trying some of these exercises in my routine.

    Glad I came across your blog Ross, great work my friend!


  23. Ross, again, SUPER SIMPLE, and highly effective. We’re only limited by our determination and our imagination. You are the man. Thanks again. I’ll be getting a pair soon. Looking forward to it.

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