Inexpensive Speed Bag Platform

In a past entry, I showed how to build an inexpensive platform for sandbag loading. The same platform that was used for loading can be easily upgraded to include a speed bag platform. All that you’ll need to do is add a 2×2 piece of 3/4 inch plywood. The plywood will be secured to small strips of 2×4 inch wood.

Below is a picture of the upgraded loading platform.

You can see how the bottom has changed since the original entry in 2009. Previously, there was just one piece of 2×4″ in the middle of the platform.

When using the speed bag platform, you’ll want to add some weight to the top. The added weight will help to minimize shaking as you strike the bag.

As for height, this platform can be easily adjusted for young kids. There is no limit as to how low you can place the platform. I’ve always considered the speed bag to be more of a fun bag, so it is nice to be able to set this bag low enough for my kids to play with it.

A brief video demonstration can be seen below:

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below.

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  1. Very nice.

    On a related note, I like the construction of the loading platform for the rack. This is something that would facilitate “lift and place” movements (as featured, for example, in Dinosaur Training) very well.

  2. Wow, you’re pretty good. But what I’d really like to see is a training video on how to use the double ended bag in the previous post. I just got one and set it up like that. But I’m not really sure on how to use it.

  3. Great idea Ross!

    I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from your site. I just made a medicine ball that will also be used as a tornado ball.

    Thanks for the great homemade training ideas you and all the members here have given me.

  4. As usual you make everything look so easy. lol

    It’s nice to see someone who is inspiring for so many.

    Thanks for reminding that hard work and dedication can lead to a much better quality of life.

    You are a role model for your generation.


  5. Thanks everyone!

    @Will – With the double end bag, start with straight punches (ex. just the jab, then jab – right hand, 1-2-1-2, etc.). It becomes much more difficult when the left hook is introduced. Straight punches keep the bag moving in one direction. The hook changes things by moving the bag laterally. Therefore, don’t rush to throw the hook. Get comfortable striking the bag with a crisp 1-2, while also working on footwork, head movement, etc.

  6. My dreams to be a great fighter like Ali, ricky,Floyd,All them known fighter we see and hear about all the time.So im glad I found this website so I can learn and see how hard I have to push so I can Accomplish my Goal.Congrats on all you great fighters, that you made your goal or goals come true.Hope to meet some of you’s one day and be able to conversate with some of the worlds best fighter would be A dream come true.

  7. Very nice. What type of wood did you use?

    I am asking because I have an existing stand by Everlast that I need to replace the Speed Bag platform on because the original broke since it was made of particle board.

    I found some pre-cut circular pieces of 24″ diameter pine at Home Depot that are 1″ thick. Do you think this will suffice? Or do you suggest a more costly hard wood?

    Again, great job and thank you in advance for your help.


    1. You can get away with pine, particularly if it is that thick. Pine is a soft wood, but the 1″ thickness will make it work. The extra thickness should make for a fast rebound.

  8. Ross,

    You blew my mind with using your power rack as a speed bag platform. The platform on my freestanding station is so wobbly it’s hard to get any speed going. This is such a good idea!!! Thanks and great website.

    1. @Joe – I’d never put a regular bag within the power rack, as it would inhibit your ability to circle the bag. The feet are an important part of boxing, so heavy bag work must incorporate them (i.e. moving side to side, etc.).

  9. Hey Ross, love the look of your speed bag set up, however my DIY skills are pretty much non-existent. I do however really want to get a platform and speed bag set up at home. I’m currently looking to get a good quality platform and am wondering if you’ve got any recommendations? I just read this article: and like the look of the XMark XM-2811 adjustable platform. Do you know if this is a good choice or have another suggestion?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I’m not familiar with the exact make, but the wood looks thick and dense which is important for a fast rebound.

  10. Yo Ross!

    I’m on a similar boat as Oliver above me. I’m looking for some cheap options to keep with my training considering everything that’s going on but building it myself would be way outside of my wheelhouse.

    I found a list of platforms here that are somewhat in my budget. Some of the options are mentioned in Oliver’s resource as well. Question is: which, if any, of these do you would you recommend?

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