Double End Bag Anchor

I’ve had a few questions come in about how to anchor a double end bag to a concrete floor. Drilling into the floor may not be possible. You also might not want the bag up permanently, thus prefer a mobile solution. If this is the case, you can build an inexpensive double end bag anchor for a few dollars. Commercial options are available for around $25.

To build the anchor, all that you’ll need is an eye screw and a piece of scrap wood.

I used a small piece of 2 x 10 inch wood. You can start the screw manually, and then continue turning with a small piece of pipe (or something similar). Stick the pipe through the opening in the eye screw and turn until it is secured.

That’s it. Just add a few 25 pound plates. A larger 45 pound plate could also be used, but I prefer 25’s to minimize size.

The anchor is secure and can be quickly removed when you are finished with the bag.

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  1. Hey Ross, you can also use a cast iron “market umberella” stand,you can usualy pick them up cheap at the iron mongers,round ones are better than the square ones,they’re about a dollar [australian dollar] a kilo,they weigh around 10-15 kg.

  2. Very nice! How is the other end of the double end bag mounted?

    Great construction (even got one of those hooks at home. Would be really easy to make one of those if I ever buy one of these bags :))

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