Backyard Pull-up Station

I recently had someone email me about building an outdoor pull-up station. An outdoor station is one piece of equipment that I haven’t actually built. With a quick search of the web however, I came across the following video. Within the clip, you’ll see a strong unit that appears quite easy to build.

The creators of the video also have a Part II.

Once again, getting in shape is not as complicated as many would like you to believe. In many cases, a low-tech DIY project will offer as much (or more) than any commercial product or gym. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way…

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below.

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  1. Very nice, was thinking of this the other day, very nice design.
    On the slight negative side and I mean this only as constructive criticism, probably should have put some kind of rust inhibitor on the sections in the ground, a good quick product is roofing tar or some other water resistant coating. Or an alternative to that is to use galvanized piping. Also a little concrete mixed into the base would be a good idea and you wouldn’t have had to put as much pipe in the ground.

    Again great idea, love the DIY stuff.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yeah, there’s about 2,400 pounds of concrete in the ground (600 lbs per post). A little concrete wouldn’t be enough. We get aggressive on that bar! You need the depth and the concrete to be stable.

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