The Return of Zach Krych

Below is a video that was recently sent to me about the return of Zach Krych after a devastating training injury. The video shows the injury and the steps that were taken to defy the initial prognosis provided by his surgeon. The video is just shy of six minutes and well worth your time. Incredible is an understatement.


“You’ll never find a better sparring partner than adversity.” – Walt Schmidt


  1. My God that was gruesome and amazing. He had no shoulders at one point – I mean none! To bulk up and FIND a way to train like he did is truly inspiring. “Train to live longer – live longer to train”.

  2. WoW Just WoW between this video and the video of the Hoyts you have had me in tears of wonder and amazement at the human spirit for days now. Thank you so much for finding these videos they encourage and inspire beyond belief.

  3. tremendous video. very inspiring. what i love best is his reverence of Jesus Christ. without HIM nothing would be possible.

  4. VERY inspiring! It’s amazing what the body is capable of.
    @Kurt… that is the ONE thing about the video I did not like!

  5. Well done! Not only did you come back, but you did it so fast which makes it all the more incredible. We at the IRON EMPIRE salute you and wish you continued success!

  6. I would imagine that his physical condition before the accident and going back to training immediately after the surgery had a lot to do with his 100% recovery. Use it or lose it.

  7. Fantastic recovery! I wonder if he ever used straps again. Not being able to bail on those lifts is a terrifying thought to me.

  8. Awesome timing as I’ve just fractured my fibula in 2 places and have sat around for the last 2 weeks worrying about recovery.

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