Muscle Up Tutorial

The muscle up is an exercise that eludes many. I regularly see questions on the forum from individuals who struggle to successfully perform the movement.

Fortunately, muscle ups are not as difficult as they may initially appear. Many athletes possess adequate strength to perform the movement, but struggle with the necessary technique. Below are two excellent tutorials from a friend of mine who was featured on the blog last month (see here). If you’ve struggled with muscle ups in the past, these clips are worth a look.

Muscle Up Tutorial Narrated (Long)

Muscle Up Tutorial Written (Short)


  1. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this in the blog and to the author of the video. After months of trying these on the bar I walked outside, set up the grip, and BOOM 1st bar muscle up! I was stoked like a kid. I ended up doing 5 sets of singles and they felt great. As Ross said in the post, it’s all about the technique and it was the false grip that helped me.

    Thanks again and keep charging!

  2. This guy has the best muscle up advice on youtube. All of his tutorials are very detailed and offer excellent intermediate stages to challenges like the front lever and the dragon flag.

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