Strength On The Bar

Below is a video that comes from a friend of mine. Within the video, you’ll see a prime example of the strength that can be developed with nothing but a pull-up bar. Clearly, the strength displayed throughout is quite impressive, but perhaps more impressive is the fact that he’s developed such strength with minimal equipment.

Hats off to Nikolay. Keep up the great work.


  1. Holy Cow! Wow. Ross you have the best most motivating website on fitness out there! Thanks for such great work.

  2. I know why he uses minimal equipment and especially mostly a pullup bar.
    I saw his Youtube channel and than i realized that he´s inspired by Jasper Benincasa. And to see that an admirer is very strong is even better.

    Nikolay i hope you make the CTI 😉

    Great video Ross keeps the motivation up!

  3. Thank you guys for the nice comments. Ibrahim, you nailed it straight to the bone, that’s exactly how it is. I’ve been madly inspired by Jasper for years now, he is one of my biggest motivators to keep training! Thanks for the nice wish too!

    Appearing on Ross Training is like amazing! Thank you Ross, you are the man!

  4. Inspiring video! Great work Nikolay!Keep it up.I hope to be doing that in the near future.Awesome strength and flexibility gained from a pull up bar.Impressive indeed!Looks like there’s a bartender in da houze! Respect!

  5. Thanks again, everybody, very very flattered!

    @James, actually I got no clue if they’ve got a name, I just got asked by a friend once if I could do them and that’s how I started using the exercise.

    But they are not one of the easy moves on the bar. It’s pretty much a progression exercise for a back lever pull up. It works a lot your back and front shoulder head.

  6. I love this post! I’ve long been preaching the benefits of using a pull up bar as the “go to” implement for developing upper body strength. There’s no question you could go a long way without ever doing a single rep on a lat pulldown machine or other equipment. I see a lot of people avoiding pull-up’s because they say they can’t do them. All the more reason to start. Use bands to provide some assistance until you can do reps without them. Bottom line is don’t wait for “back day” to do pull-up’s. I incorporate with my clients on every workout, even if it’s just a set or two during warm-up’s. Just like Dan John says, “If it’s important, do it everyday!” There’s a lot of wisdom in that. Great blog, I’ll be back for sure. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing..Shane

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