I Still Have a Soul

The video below is an advertisement for HBO’s Boxing After Dark series. Although just a commercial, the story portrayed within is one that has played out many times in real gyms around the world. Many young lives have been saved by the gym. I’ve personally seen kids who went from the street corner to the blue or red corner inside the ring.

If you’ve been involved in the sport in any capacity, you likely know someone whose life compares to the story portrayed below. Enjoy…


  1. Cool commercial. This reminds me of a quote from Benjamin Franklin…”Energy and persistence alter all things.”

  2. Of all the motivational videos I’ve seen about boxing or the fight game, this one hit me hard! Even though its a commercial. Brilliant!

  3. Man this to awesome video there’s no kind of word for its beauty, i loved that man he’s given me a differnt kind of look about how to continue my training. I think am too touched by this video ;)) !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Saw this a while ago but thought you already had seen it, Ross. I watched this over and over the first time i saw it. Definitely good for lighting a fire under your rear and getting busy working out (or just getting to work on your dream). Piano score isn’t bad at all either

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