Homemade Prowler Sled

Homemade push sleds have been discussed on this blog before (see here). Below is yet another option for those interested in an inexpensive DIY sled.

The two videos below come from the same individual. Within the first video, he explains how the sled was built. The lighting is quite dark however, so the sled is difficult to see. The second video provides a clear image of the sled.

Verbal instructions (dark lighting)

Better lighting

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below. I’ve recently updated the archives with several categories for more convenient viewing.

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  1. He said Trex, it is a plastic composite typically used for construction of decks and other outside flooring. I imagine it would wear out much quicker than metal if you are using it on concrete, but it is very cheap and from the looks of it be replaced pretty easy on such a sled.

  2. Homemade sled? Do most forum members live in the country? Get with the program. Most people live in big cities. That’s why they’re big. Making a sled is the last thing I’m going to do. I’d love to but that is not high on my list when I live in a big town. I’d love to hear some solutions for city living. That would be creative.

  3. I think you missed the point. I live in a very big city. I don’t have the space to use a sled–without traveling far, far away. No spacious parking lots or parks that aren’t crowded with glutinous masses of people everyday. Solutions for small spaces that’s what I’m interested in.

  4. Very clever, and very useful. I am living in Norway right now, and the only place to get sleds easily is the UK, Shipping is killer! My guys could use a sled for training, this is keeping up with our ghetto gym image. @ Tomislav: City’s have parks, use the park. Get a tire and put some boards in it forthe base, drill some holes in the tire and put 10-15foot rope handles on that. If you are serious about wanting to use a sled, or the rough equivalent, you can load it with rocks and go tearing across the park.

  5. Tomislav: you live in a big city but inside a “small box”. Like most big city folks you want some one else to think for you. Hope you figured it out over the last year.

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