Another DIY Suspension Trainer

Homemade suspension trainers have been discussed on this blog several times before (Part I, Part II, More Exercises, Origin).

Below are images to yet another variation. These images were posted to my Facebook page by one of the readers.

The Specifics

To begin, you can see how the device is anchored overhead. Webbing is used, along with two carabiners

Next, you can see how nylon webbing is attached to cam buckles to allow for quick length adjustments. Steel cable is then looped and secured to form the bottom portion of the suspension trainer.

Handles were created with 1 inch PVC pipe. Foot cradles run through the pipe (made from nylon webbing).

The handles are both comfortable and strong.

As you can see, this suspension trainer looks similar to those that have been discussed previously, but the parts are actually entirely unique. These pictures came from a trainer in Mexico. Clearly, the availability of certain parts may vary in different areas of the world so it is useful to see different options. Even rope could be used (see here for an example).

For more homemade equipment ideas, please refer to the link below:

Homemade Exercise Equipment Archives


  1. I love it, i am absolutely going to build one of these. The other DIY tool for training i made is a wrist roller.

    Simple good workout is what it’s all about. (did i mention cheap?)

    I got an idea about a door anchor as well from the link you provided in this post. Have you tried any other ideas for door anchors? I will be using mine 95% indoor so a good anchor i a must.

    Thanks for your good work.


  2. This is all fine and everything, but then what? How about posting a exercise video of all the things we you be doing with this devise?

  3. Peter-

    Regarding door anchors, I find that a simple piece of nylon webbing, tied into a bowline, works well.

    Just close the door onto the loop, with the loop outside the door and the knot inside, acting as a stopper.

    (I did a post on this at my old website:

    The key element is the door. I would only mount the suspension trainer to strong doors.

    Many doors are merely a thin fiberglass shell around a foam core, and I wouldn’t trust them to hold 200+ lbs like this.

    But those beefy, solid doors that a lot of hotels have are great.

    Oh yeah, make sure you lock the door while you are using it!

    I hope this helps,


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