Hill Training With Jerry Rice

I’ve written about hill training several times before. There is no mistaking the intensity and effectiveness of a hill running session. It is rare for a week to pass without us hitting the hills in my local area. I’m fortunate to live close to a brutal mountain road that travels upward for well over a mile. One route that we often take equates to over 2 miles of running (almost entirely uphill).

We are not the first to take advantage of mother nature for training however. Jerry Rice is one athlete who was known for brutal hill workouts throughout his illustrious career as an NFL wide receiver. He speaks about his training in the video below.

For those who are not familiar with Jerry Rice, he is generally regarded as the greatest wide receiver to ever play the game. Ironically, he’s also an individual that many doubted before making the NFL. Initially, many scouts were wary of his less than stellar sprinting speed when tested in the 40-yard dash. Jerry’s tremendous work ethic is one reason why he was able to prove his critics wrong. He will long be remembered for this work ethic and dedication to the sport.

It is safe to say that most athletes could learn something from Jerry Rice. I know that I did growing up as a fan of his.


  1. Man that was awesome and very very inspiring. I am not a football fan and I know thats not the point. It shows that with determination
    and will and heart you can accomplish anything and age is only a number.

    1. I’ve been coaching tennis for 55 years, still playing, still grinding. As well as racket skills, the footwork makes the difference. I tell the players that the Ferrari is only as good as its wheels. Jerry Rice is amazing.

  2. this guy got the attitude of a winner!!…great vid.
    ross,i love your work (your books are a one-stop source :D)..keep it up man..greetz from germany

  3. nothing like hill sprints…in fact, im in the middle of your infinite intensity 50 day workout and i replaced 50yd sprints with a hike and HIIT hill sprints in the middle of it…great stuff…

  4. I’m a JR #80 49er fan, he learned that work ethic from his father. His father was a brick mason, in Mississippi so you can imagine the heat, and his brother and him would work with him. They would toss bricks to each other and JR was last on the chain to give it to his father. So he was farthest from his brothers and he would catch them and pass it to his father. He said he never dropped any because if he did, then his father would lose time and time equals money. He carried that work ethic in to being called by some the #1 football player(no matter what position) ever.

  5. I recently built hill running into my workout routine. Have been following your methods for several years now, Ross, and at 46 I’m still feeling up to the challenge.
    Last Saturday afternoon I cycled uphill for 20 min to get to the start of my “hill” run. The run is 5.7 km, going from about 400m elevation up to 1143m. Made it up and down in 1hr 10 min. Age is the final challenge! Plan to keep going till I drop or seize up. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

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