Fedor Emelianenko In The Gym

Fedor Emelianenko has been discussed on this blog before. As mentioned originally, his training style is simple yet intense. It is actually quite similar to what was seen in a past entry about Sugar Ray Robinson. Like Ray, Fedor focuses on the basics. You won’t find him training at a state of the art facility. On the contrary, his surroundings are crude at best. Fedor is yet another example of a dominant fighter who has thrived on the basics.

Below is a video that describes his training.

Additional footage can also be seen in the following compilation.

For those who are not familiar with Fedor, the brief highlight video that follows will tell you all that you need to know.


“I like this feeling of weariness after training, when I’m walking home exhausted, dragging my feet. I like this a lot.” – Fedor Emelianenko


  1. Fedor is a fascinating individual.

    Two things I particularly like about him are (i), his ice-cool Russian demenour, and (ii), the fact that he has not made radical changes to his location/environment/lifestyle. It appears he has kept things largely the same of the years, making only a few tweaks here and there.

  2. As David said, he is an intriguing fighter. Aside from his basic training quarters, he seems genuinely like a nice quiet guy. He walks into the ring with no attitude, no fanfare. None of the tough guy hype that we are used to seeing with pro fighters (think Tito Ortiz). Instead he is almost at peace walking into the ring.

    Once in the ring, he attacks with intensity like no one else.

  3. I would like to add that Fedor is a classic “Russian bear”. He’s a big man, with a deceptively soft looking exterior. However, he moves with great speed and delivers ferocious punishment on his opponents.

    He is surely among the very greatest.

  4. I was actually wondering when Ross would bring him up. I started watching Fedor back in Pride, and was blown away by his power, stamina and control. I also was intrigued by his training methods.

    Fedor is my favorite fighter by far, and not just because he wins. I like how he is a fighter with humility and good sportsmanship. I thought you had to be a ripped giant when I was younger in order to win. Fedor looks like a normal guy doing extraordinary things.

    If you guys can find it, look up the compilation _Knife_ put together. It’s one of the best by far.
    -found it.

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