Parkour – The Nature Of Challenge

Below is a documentary on parkour that was recently posted to my Facebook page.

The embedded player includes all four parts. The arrows on each side of the player can be used to navigate from one part to the next.

The full playlist can also be found here:

As stated by the creators of this documentary:

“Made by practitioners, we have tried our best to ensure that this short film gives the most accurate information possible about parkour and the methods and ideas behind it. It is a deliberate departure from the typical ‘media parkour’ you might see on TV and aims to provide reliable information to both newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.”

I am fascinated at the amazing abilities of these parkour enthusiasts. These individuals regularly defy the limits of the human body. I’m also a fan of their training methods. There is no better example that showcases the potential of low-tech (often equipment-free) training.

Although I’ve never participated in parkour, I truly enjoyed this brief documentary. I recommend this film to anyone with any interest in physical culture.


  1. Amazing. It takes some tremendous courage to achieve some of the leaps that they are achieving, it is inspiring.

    I like the fact that most of it is based in Manchester as well, my home city, although I have never seen them out in action 😀

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