“Age & Treachery” – Tough Mudder Training

The video below was sent to me by a proud daughter. Within the clip, you’ll see her parents (who are also grandparents) training for the Tough Mudder obstacle course.

In the words of their daughter,

“One of the things I like the best is they do a lot of training together (even though they are very different sizes), and always have a fun and playful attitude. My mom just took her first parkour class a few weeks ago, and they are constantly looking for new challenges. They are great parents, grandparents, and role models.”

This brief compilation video is awesome on so many levels. Not only are these grandparents in excellent shape, but it is also obvious that they have a great time together (while tackling difficult challenges). I certainly hope to follow their example later in life.

Thanks to Kami for passing this video along, and thanks to Mark and Cathy for the inspiration.


  1. Did the first tough mudder had a blast although there was a massive wait for the obstacles, next I need to do a spartan race and a warrior dash to complete the trio.

    Good Luck

  2. Did a Spartan race in NY on sunday, was awesome would love to do a tough mudder don’t know if I am fit enough yet ?

  3. Outstanding! Not to mention as a former Marine, I absolutely loved the soundtrack! Those guys are in great shape and having a helluva a time doing it. An example for all of us to follow.

  4. Could not agree more the Tough mudder course was meant to be 7 miles ended up being 4 and generally the course was not tough enough I found the Spartan race in NY tougher, because there were no line ups at the obstacles you had no chance to rest

  5. Hey, all … Mark and I just want to thank each and every one of you for your encouraging comments … we love training together year round, and this upcoming event is how we’ve decided to celebrate our 35th anniversary! (We truly are dinosaurs!) Our video was great fun to put together, and is pretty representative of how we play. Our whole family has much admiration and respect for Ross’ knowledge, training ideas and inspiration, and we’ve all seen improvements in strength, speed and power production by taking his advice to heart. Thanks, again, and best to all!

  6. Hey!!! I sat next to you at Baton Rouge! Finally found you!! Good luck at the race. I know you will do good because YOU ONE TOUGH MUDDER!!! If you ever get this……definately check out Martial Athletics at the old Rogers Garage.

  7. This will probably be the last tough mudder before they get shut down they were 2 students that stole the whole concept from the UK Tough Guy, they even went to the other event and said they wanted to help with marketing and stole photos and put them on the Tough Mudder site they are now in a lawsuit and will probably get shut down shame the states needs something like this.


  8. Sarah Marsh is a disgruntled employee of Tough Mudder – ignore her. Shame on you Sarah, Tough Mudder raises over $600k for Wounded Warrior Project and you want to shit them down. No one takes this non-sense seriously. No judge is shutting down an event that raises this much for injured veterans. Tough Guy in the UK need a reality check, they didn’t invent teh obstacle course easily. Mudder rocks, so much better than that Spartan Race 3k girlyman stuff.

  9. Alex Patterson here, Chief Marketing Officer at Tough Mudder. Thanks so much to Mark and Cathy for posting this video! Just spending a lazy Saturday post-workout going through TM YouTube videos and saw it. What an inspiration you two are! I’m proud you guys like our event and are sharing that enthusiasm w/others. I can’t wait to greet you guys at the starting line at the Nor Cal Squaw Valley event this September! Big hello as well to all of the folks at Ross Training and looking forward to welcoming you all to the Mudder. We’re constantly improving and making the course harder (and thinking about bottlenecks and eliminating lines), so keep up your training!! We’ve learned a heck of a lot in the 3 events since our first-ever in PA in May 2010 and won’t disappoint! All the best, Alex Patterson.

  10. I’ve done crossfit with both of these people. They are seriously the nicest people and are a true inspiration. Not to mention they’re absolute beasts.

  11. First thanks for the props that have come in since Cathy first put up a thank you. Particularly to Jason Berrey. Cathy and I have worked out with Jason and his wife, Katie, and they rock, so we’re particularly appreciative to be mentioned as an inspiration, but all we really do is keep showing up, nothing really spectacular or out of the ordinary – anyone could do it. Additionally, we wanted to mention that we completed the 2011 NorCal Tough Mudder at Squaw Valley in September and have to agree with Alex Patterson’s comments on the improving organization, quality and toughness. This year’s event was almost twice as long (13.55 miles on one participant’s GPS) as the 2010 event in Bear Valley, with a plenty of climbing at altitude. There were also more obstacles and they were tougher this year. Almost 16,000 people competed over the weekend, so the event has grown tremendously as well. It was a beautiful day, great vibe and huge success. Lots of $$ raised for Wounded Warrior Project – good to see. I would encourage you to check out the Tough Mudder site to look for an event near you.

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