The Grandmothers of Endurance

It has been a week since Jack Denness finished his 12th Badwater ultramarathon. His ability to complete this grueling race at age 75 is beyond incredible. Jack isn’t alone however when it comes to older athletes who have defied the odds.

Below is a video that tells the story of two grandmothers who double as ultramarathon runners. Barb Macklow (age 76) and Vicki Griffiths (age 67) have both completed 100 mile endurance runs.

Take a look as both women share some of their experiences and philosophies.

Thanks to Andy for sharing the video


  1. Pretty amazing stuff.
    I hope to be still training hard later in life.
    Given the way you train as you age has to alter significantly as the body just can’t bench press like it once could 😉

  2. What an awesome pair of ladies! I hope to be half as fit as they are at thier age. Amazing and inspirational! thanks for posting Ross!

  3. What inspiring people. They will inspire lots of runners on my site Runningtips. As I keep saying running is something that anybody can do regardless of their starting level. The human body is an amazing thing and the improvements you will see when someone first starts ruinning are truly mind blowing. These women are at the other end of the scale, they will be well trained to get to this level and at their age must be good at listening to their bodies, they must have excellent diet and training too. Well done girls, keep it up!

  4. Hey all – I am trying to get in touch with one of these lovely ladies. I am working on for a client that would like to feature them in an online video that celebrates mature women doing different activities.
    I can’t seem to track them down though and they’re not responding to the emails I am sending via youtube. I imagine they’re probably training or doing something amazing but if anyone knows them could you shoot me an email address for them or ask them to email me. Huge thanks for your help

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