Inspiration From Matt Long

Five years ago Matt Long was struck, and consequently run over, by a bus in New York City. The accident was so severe that doctors gave him less than a 5 percent chance to survive. Fortunately, Matt Long beat the odds and then some. In July 2009, he finished the Ford Ironman in Lake Placid.

I highly recommend taking the time to watch the two videos below. Matt Long’s story is as inspiring as any. It certainly puts any problem or bad day that I’ve ever had into perspective. I’d be hard pressed to find a story more fitting for Winston Churchill’s quote below.

“If you are going through hell, keep going.”

Part I

Part II

A related story can also be found within the Ironman website:

A Second Chance at Life and Ironman


  1. Guts, determination, will, fortitude – call it what you want, this guy and the others you post up here Ross are astounding examples of the human spirit to flourish despite the odds against them.

    I’ve emailed these two links to my dad who was an athlete all his life until he was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, caused by working with asbestos as a young man. Some things probably are unrecoverable from but one has to try.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. The courage that must have taken, to not only get back on a bike, but to even start back into the fitness!

    Thats more than inspirational.

    Forwarded this to my dad who, is also a fireman, and has a few health issues, this should help him along somewhat.

  3. Ross, thanks for posting this..

    I’m on sick leave from work at the moment and due to the pills I am having to take I cannot exercise… believe me, I have tried but after a few minutes I begin to feel sick! I was getting a little worried about having to begin training all over again once I had finished the medication as I have lost quite a bit of muscle and inevitably put on a couple of pounds. However after watching this video it made me realise I have no excuses to get my ass back into shape! Hats off to Matt, you are a hero.

  4. Wow….Ross, just wow… thanks for this. I am moved and deeply inspired. I am training for my 1st marathon this winter, and to learn the way he trained and his self-discipline against such odds….I’m in awe…something extraordinary happens when a person simply decides to do their best and no less….mediocrity is the norm and for a healthy person who has no handicaps, you can dedicate your event/competition to someone who can’t. Matt Long is an icon.

  5. Hey Ross,

    Thank you for posting this. I’m with the Canadian Army and recently completed a tour in Afghanistan. In the course of my job, I sustained an injury to my legs and my right shoulder. I have been in physiotherapy for my injuries, but nothing to the degree that Matt has been through.

    Seeing a person like this gives me so much inspiration to put my head down, and keep pushing forward to get back to where I was physically. I know there are limits and I’ll never be “the man I used to be…” but those limits can be bent, possibly even broken.

    Thanks again for posting this one. I’ll be sure to share it.


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