Gymnastics at age 69

Below is a video that showcases the ability of a 69 year old man who has recently begun training with several gymnastic exercises. Based on the upload dates at his Youtube channel, it appears that he’s been training with these exercises for less than a year.

According to those who sent me this video, the man has been an active rower and climber for many years. His interest in gymnastic training is new however (a matter of months, not years). At age 69, this man not only looks, but performs like a man half his age. At first glance, I would have estimated this man to be in his 40’s. I would have never guessed that he was approaching age 70.

This man is a perfect example of George Bernard Shaw’s quote below…

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

It is obvious that this man has remained active and continues to find new ways to challenge his body and mind. He continues to grow without growing old. At only half his age, this man has inspired me at the possibilities that the future presents. I can only imagine what new activities I’ll explore in my 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Wherever my journey takes me, I’ll know that it’s never too late to try something new.


  1. Even if he’s not 69, that’s pretty good stuff. And look at the space he uses to do the exercises! No excuses, indeed!

  2. Wow! I’ve just started trying to do some gymnastics, if I’m half as good as that in a year I’d be pretty happy, I’m so far off it now!

  3. Yes, he´s 69 and he´s new this kind of training.

    I did not believe it at first but he did a forum post on another site and wrote about himself.

    Why it should not be true after seeing the 75 year young woman bodybuilder in Ross next to last blog post?

    George Hackenschmidt could jump over a back of a chair standing right behind it, in his 70-80s.
    Milo Steinborn squatted well over 250 lbs in his 70´s.

    Google the name Karl Norberg and won´t believe how strong a person can be in his “older” age.

  4. Well, thank you for a very nice write-up about me, Ross. I agree, you don’t know what you can’t do until you have tried, tried hard. There is always a little adventure in it. So, what more can you ask for. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Take care.

  5. I wonder if he was inspired by reading this article?
    which has been out for a few years now. It shows how to get strong using a series of progressions using only two gymnastic exercises: the planche and the front lever (a push and a pull).
    Also, here’s another inspirational type video of a woman who’s turned her life around with weightlifting.
    At least she is doing real weightlifting and not doing vain, worthless bodybuilding training.

  6. Very inspiring!

    I like the choice of music too.

    I know people younger than him who have just given up. They decided they were too old to do that kind of stuff and they’ve really gone downhill.

  7. Aboslutely fantastic! I loved this so much I linked back to this everywhere (my site, twitter, Facebook, etc). I hope I’m that strong when I reach that age.

  8. This and other posts on your site have inspired me, beyond the inspiration I had to start with. I look around me and see so many people shortening their lives by years and decades, with food and neglect. It sickens me to think that the people I know today, will not be around in 15 or 20 years. I am only 40 years old and I already have friends younger than me recovering from strokes, and other medical problems. I hope we can smarten up soon.

    I believe that if everyone could simply eat proper food(that is whole food, and not food product).
    We could eliminate most of your health problems.

    I plan on doing everything I can to educate my children, and hopefully they will pas on some of what I think I have learned to their children.

  9. this must be a mistake!!!! this guy can not be more than 45. it is impossible, I can’t believe it.NO way!

  10. If he’s been rock climbing for decades, he has a terrific physical ability to get in to gymnastics at 68. Regardless, he’s an exception. Many people gave up on athletic pursue for whatever reasons. For him to look relatively injury free it’s amazing.

  11. Brilliant! I believe his age without hesitation, why, because I am 70 and have just won my local Gym’s monthly challenge for the second month running – 37 full monitored press ups in 30 seconds. Cycled 1k in 1min 11secs (31.5mph). : Earlier in the year I raced 5km in 25mins (Park run). I have been water skiing many times and not seen anyone do better. I dance for 3 hours non-stop, doing lifts and drops – my partners say that I look 50 at the most. That is why I believe. I have also always been active – I raced the first three London Marathons 1981 – 3 and have clocked up over 40,000 running miles since I started long distances in 1966.

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