Don’t Mess With Grandma!

Ernestine Shepherd is a 73 year old grandmother who has been married for over 50 years. She isn’t the typical grandmother however. Ernestine is up at 3AM each morning. She runs 80 miles a week and bench presses 150 pounds. Her physique and abilities are obviously impressive, but even more so considering that she did not begin exercising until age 56.

Fortunately, Ernestine isn’t the only grandmother getting it done despite a late start. Svenska Wanja began weight training at age 47. She then ran her first marathon at age 50. In the video below, you can see her cranking out pushups and dips with ease. Not too shabby for a woman who was born in 1936.

Lastly, below is yet another example of a high powered grandmother who knocks off pull-ups, dips, and pushups. I couldn’t find any information on who she is, but she’s certainly impressive for a 63 year old grandmother.


In summary, don’t use age as a crutch.  It is never too late to improve. If these women can get it done, so can you.


  1. That is absolutely astonishing. She is in incredible shape for someone of any age.

    … But she is lifting weights, and weightlifting is dangerous isn’t it? 😉

  2. Okay, I’m only 37, so I CAN get back in shape! That’s motivation! Interesting that the dips seemed the easiest for her (last video).

  3. thats just impressive. whats awesome about it is that its the result of consistent effort over time. thats what i hope to be like when i get that age.

    its really awesome to see how its worked out for those who have taken the path im working on taking.

    thanks Ross for sharing that with us.

  4. thanks for sharing ross. you have (in my opinion) the only blog worth reading on the web. these women are incredible. especially the first one (video number one). these women still look young! incredible what a little elbow grease (hard work) will do for ya.

    i am just about to turn 30 and this is a great kick in the ass

  5. Awesome!

    Just goes to show that age isn’t the excuse that most people make it out to be. If I’m still going like Ernistine when I’m 73 I’ll be well happy! She’s a bad ass!! 🙂

  6. Fantastic stories! This is what I’m talking about. This is going straight to all the older ladies in my family.


  7. Awesome. Just…awesome. I can’t believe that first woman is in her 70s. All of these folks are inspirational.

  8. Unbelivable, btw the grandmother in video number 2 said she strated to train just once a week when she was 46! (Swedish)

  9. I’m a 44 year old, and one of the oldest members of my Krav Maga studio. These videos really help me to stay motivated when I begin to become fearfull that age will weaken me.

    As an aside, I’ve noticed in the videos posted of older athletes that their voices also remain young, instead of having that frail scratchy voice elderly people usually have.

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