Inspiration from Victor Konovalov

The video below tells the story of 5 time NPC bodybuilding champion Victor Konovalov.

Four years after being paralyzed in a motocross accident, Victor entered the gym at age 24. Ten years later, he won the first of five NPC national wheelchair championships. His most recent victory came in 2007 at age 45.

Here is a man whose entire life was turned upside down by a near fatal accident. He was understandably in a deep depression and even pondered suicide. He then found a new way to apply the passion that he once had for motocross. He found the gym and he’s never looked back. Victor’s accomplishments and abilities are impressive for anyone approaching age 50. The fact that he’s done what he’s done in a wheelchair is even more incredible.


  1. The Murderball documentary features several other fabulous athletes who found themselves after major injury. The book _GIMP: The Story Behind the Star of Murderball by Mark Zupan_ is the memoir of one of the fabulous athletes featured in the movie.

  2. Excellent post, Ross. Just looking at this fellow’s symmetry even when he is just sitting and talking is impressive ! His genetics are as plentiful as his discipline !

    If I may, I would like to add something that is not really related to the spirit of this post: Even though this gentlemen seems thoroughly assimilated, his surname obviously suggests he is of Russian origin. Why do so many strength athletes share this origin ? Is it something in the Russian (or Cossack) culture that worships the ‘cult’ of strength training ? Whatever it is, it seems deeply rooted.

  3. It always encourages me to see other rise up against adversity. It puts my trails and troubles in perspective. Thanks for posting this.

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