Core Training and More With DIY Gliders

Please refer to this entry for an updated video tutorial

There have been a few recent discussions on the forum about possible ab wheel substitutes, particularly those that would be convenient to pack when traveling. A few members referenced an exercise slide tool that could be used for a variety of movements, including a few that are similar to wheel rollouts. I am not familiar with the tool, but I did find a commercial model that sells for approximately $35 before shipping. I’ve never used one so I cannot offer any feedback.

I did however come across what appears to be a similar product. In the video below, I demonstrate a few exercises with the help of two furniture gliders (also known as sliders). These gliders are typically used to move furniture. Each glider is 9.5 inches long and 5.75 inches wide. I purchased a 4-pack for $10.  I only need two at a time so the cost is $5 per pair.

A snap shot of the package can be seen below. As you can see, they are reusable and include a convenient gripper pad on the non-sliding side.

Next, you can see all four from the original package.

I shot the video below the same day that I purchased the gliders. They worked very well on carpet. I also tried them on a tile floor, but I wasn’t sure if the floor would eventually scratch. Carpet seems to be a better option.

As for exercise possibilities, there are obviously other options available, but the video shows a few that came to mind. I found the gliders particularly useful for core work. Considering the $5 per pair price tag, these are definitely a useful option for home training.


  1. Thanks Ross for taking the time to present this. Marketing agents could fill up a gym with specialized equipment to do what you accomplished with two furniture coasters. As always you simplify what appears complex to many.

    Thanks again for all you do on your websites.

    Infinite Intensity student

  2. Low-tech, inexpensive, creative, effective. Brilliant work Ross.

    I have been dabbling with very basic floor based calisthenics recently, and have impressed at how great they feel.

  3. The Movement on 1:05 – When you move your body from
    behind your arms forward, do you keep the body on the
    same heigth or do you push it a little bit up?


  4. Mortiz – They can be found at almost any hardware store. I saw them at Lowe’s this morning for 9.96. I bought mine at K-mart. They are also at Walmart, Home Depot, Sears, etc.

    Very easy to find. They are commonly used when moving large pieces of furniture.


  5. I thought, “Huh, what’s he going to do with those things?”
    Answer: Oh, everything. Amazing.

  6. Unreal Ross, I bought a set this morning for 10$,Home Depot ( canada)
    tried some moves and was very impressed! Thanks for your continued ideas and ways to improve core.

  7. Just ordered a set from a company in the UK only cost £3 for a set of 4, looking forward to trying them out! Rosstraining at it’s best, innovative and intense!!!


  8. All I can seem to find are small round ones – not the nice big oblongs that you are using, Ross.


  9. No, Canada.

    I did just hunt down some that are round and 7″ in diameter, set of 4 for $10 – those ought to work fine. Local store has them in stock, and I’m looking at picking them up this afternoon.

  10. I found the standing rolls (or slides) a lot more difficult than the wheel but that’s another challenge to
    conquer!!!! Thanks Ross

  11. Ross great information as always! Keep rocking. I had a quick question. I have neglected my core for many years and i tried to do these and cant do it so i was thinking if i started out on my knees to build up then move into the real way to do it. Any advice would be welcomed!

    Thanks again!

  12. @Nick – Yes, you can certainly start from the knees. Ab wheels can also be used. There are a few DIY wheel posts within the blog (search under the “Training” category).


  13. I just wanted to thank you for your comprehensive fitness education,advise and inspiration you provide on this site and especially within all of your publications. As a result of your practical,functional teachings Ive lost 80 pounds I had gained after a back injury(and life style); but more importantly it helped with the rehabilitaion and strengtheing of my back and entire core that physical therapy alone couldnt do,or wasnt working. At first I combined your teaching and exercises with the things i was doing at physical therapy,but eventualy I was able to drop the P.T. all toghether. I’m now getting in the best shape Ive been in since my football days back in high school and college. If it wasnt for your practical,functional material I probably would have gone back to: “go to the gym,go through the motions putting my time in” expecting to get back into shape. I,as well as most Americans have gotten away from true fitness especially anything that involves “conditioning”. Again thank you.

  14. I have not had a chance to go out and buy the Gliders because the hardware stores are all closed today.
    Although I tried this with paper plates I had sitting around the house and they seem to work pretty well.

  15. couldn’t wait to go out and get these, so I cut a cereal box in half used the printed side on the carpet, works like a charm

  16. Hi I am deaf ok and how can I buying it and slider exercise
    how much cost it please
    I cant find visa card and need buying it
    let me know
    from peter
    ps where can I buy it in England or Europe

  17. Thanks Ross for sharing your great idea. I am also active in this field and selling “core glider fitness product” from my website. However, I also provide training through online. Thanks again.

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