Great-grandmother and Champion Powerlifter

It isn’t every day that you find a record setting powerlifter who doubles as a 70 year-old, great-grandmother of three. Did I mention that her fingers are also twisted by arthritis?

Winifred Pristell isn’t the ordinary great-grandmother. She recently set two records after bench pressing 188 pounds and deadlifting 288 pounds. This 70 year-old great-grandmother is lifting more weight than many men half her age.

I enjoy this story for several reasons. First, it is great to see a woman her age moving so much weight. It is even more impressive however when you consider that Winifred isn’t a lifetime weightlifter or athlete. She didn’t begin lifting until her late 40’s. She also isn’t a sponsored, full time athlete. She’s a regular woman who is a great-grandmother to three children. She doesn’t live in the gym. She carries on a regular and active life outside of the weight room.

I’m also guessing she doesn’t spend her time on message boards arguing over periodization models or rep schemes. On the contrary, she shows up, puts out a consistent and diligent effort, and continues to add iron to the bar. She is a living example of the quote below.

“An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.” – Friedrich Engels

While many argue over what to do (or not to do), others show up and continually put out work. You don’t need a fancy or complex plan to improve. Patience, consistency, and diligence will go a long way towards achieving almost any goal.

Hats off to Winifred, and I’m sure I speak for many when wishing her best of luck in breaking more records in the future.


  1. A very inspirational video showing that anyone can gain strength if they really want to. I highly look up to this woman, and everyone should!

  2. Just wanted to add, this inspired me to try my first deadlift and do a strength workout today 🙂 I’m nowhere close to her though!!

  3. That is beyond words. What an inspiration! I’m a 50 year young female and that has really motivated me to do more. Way to go and thanks for posting.

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