Suspension Trainer Exercise Ideas

Following the recent homemade suspension trainer post, I’ve received several requests for additional exercise ideas. I’ve only had the DIY model for a week now, so I haven’t had too much time to experiment with it. I did however come across the following videos. You can find several exercise ideas within each. The homemade suspension trainer could be used for almost every one of the exercises.


  1. I like the supported one leg squats (from vid 1)…I have been using a chair for support, but I think this would allow me to get all the way down to the ground so I can get the full range of motion instead of just going half way down. Thanks!

  2. These straps are the missing link in all workouts. Make them! I just did. It cost about 18 bucks in Home D her in LA. Thank you guys for the awesome info!

  3. Thanks for the vids! Not alot of resources out there for suspension training. Unless you pay of course.

  4. Thanks for the resources you have shared. I know I’m piping in late, but just wanted to express my appreciation.

    Following the basic format of your instructions, it’s costing me less than $10 to make my trainer since I already had the PVC, a bunch of carabiners and 50 feet of 1 inch tubular webbing on hand. I just needed to purchase 3 cam buckles online.

  5. When you make them on your own how long do they last? I was thinking of getting the Jungle Gym XT I found for cheaper than TRX. It looks more durable than TRX, I liked the price. Thanks for your help!

  6. I made a suspension trainer the other night – took me about 45 minutes and it’s awesome. Cost me about $30 AUD. So easy and definitely much cheaper than buying one.

  7. It was awesome to find others making suspension trainers.

    I made my own using about 12′ of 6mm cord and 2 lengths 3mm cord for prusik knots. I cut some pvc for the handles. And I used some 2″ webbing to make a door stop. Along with the coriander it cost me nothing because I already had the climbing gear. But you could buy all of the gear for about $20 from REI or a comparable outdoor store.

    Keep innovating. Keep working.


  8. these devices are mind boggling in their simplicity, i made my own today but a quick Google search has revealed that training resources such as exercise movements are very scarce

  9. I made my own with climbing grade cord (REI), webbing and 1/2 inch schedule 40 pvc pipe. I added a pulley so the handles can be pulled back and forth against the tension of each other. This allows a whole other array of exercises, and you can simply use a carabiner or knot to tie them off if you don’t want them to move through the pulley.

  10. I don’t have the TRX system I have the GFLEX the difference is that there is a pully system so more instability. I’m familiar with this because I own a Total Gym which also has the handles on a pulley system. I would like to know if you’ve used anything that has a pulley system that you’d have exercises for?

  11. Don’t like counting reps aim for time and the GYM BOSS is $20 and worth every penny. Concentrate on your form and exertion instead of counting reps. Hope this helps!

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