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Following my last entry, I’ve seen comments from men and women of all ages and abilities who were amazed at the strength and endurance displayed by Crystal West. Her accomplishments are amazing for anyone, but the fact that she is a 44 year old woman make it that much more impressive.

Fortunately, Crystal isn’t alone. As seen throughout the age-related category, age is often just a number. Below is another 40+ year old female example. Within the video, you will see Tara Scott demonstrate several challenging pushup exercises.

Her Youtube channel is filled with many more low-tech workout ideas (often outdoors). She mixes bodyweight exercise with weights, odd objects, and more. You can certainly find some interesting ideas within her channel.

There is more to learn from Tara than the mere exercise examples however. In a past blog entry from her, I read where she had trained 766 consecutive days. Yes, that is right, not one day off. She may have even surpassed this number. I happened to read an entry on the day she hit 766.

How does she do it? What does she do for programming? Periodization? She must have a complex plan, right?

Wrong… In her own words,

“Some days I go light, others heavy, and then others somewhere in between.”

She goes on to say,

“There are two fundamental ideas that I am aware of as I approach my playout. First, make sure that I am having fun. As my teacher says, ‘Fun is Fundamental.’ Secondly listen to my body that day and let it tell me what is right for me.”

I like her use of the word playout as opposed to workout. When you enjoy what you are doing, you tend to be much more passionate about the work. I also like the fact that she (like many) has gone against the grain in terms of what is considered proper by many of the conventional training groups. She’s exercised her body every day for more than 2 consecutive years. In some ways, her story reminds me of Mark Covert’s running streak (he’s run every day for over 40 years).

There are athletes and trainers out there who wouldn’t believe it was possible. Ironically, many from this crowd are the same people who are unable to match the performance of those they criticize.

So often, we are told what we cannot do or shouldn’t do. I don’t believe in this approach. No one knows the potential of another man or woman. It’s up to the individual to decide. When you enjoy what you are doing and are passionate about your work (or play), the possibilities are literally endless.


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Dr. Howard Thurman


  1. “It’s up to the individual to decide” This is very impressive. I think the above is a key statement with the most important word being “decide”.

  2. Very nice. It’s awesome to see a women cranking out countless numbers of push ups, chin ups, and other things that most believe women are bad at, or not as good at as men.

    It completely shoots that ^ belief to pieces.

  3. Thanks for the motivation, I am just getting started in physical activity and I hope some day as well to train my mind and my body further than humanly possible.
    I will definitely look at your site more often, keep up the good work!

  4. Ross, thanks for the videos! I have found the last 3 blog videos very inspiring and fun to watch! Thanks again.


  5. Fantastic video, I’ve seen a few of Tara’s videos on YouTube before, but I just had a first look at her website: had a go at those ‘mountain climbers’ – I did Tabata versions, it was…fun!

    I’ve always gone for having a rest day between workouts, but everything was getting too regimented anyway, so I ‘decided’ to mix things up. I’m just waiting for my new sledge hammer to arrive before I start whacking a truck tire, not to mention throwing it (the hammer), and then I’m going to be a bit more random with mostly bodyweight: burpees, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, wall squats, lunges and hopefully (I need my right hamstring to recover!) back to my favourite hill sprints. But I have also ‘decided’ (that word again) to spend ten consecutive minutes of everyday doing burpees, regardless of anything else I might do…it only works out to 60 hours of burpees each year, easy!! I started today, and even if I probably spent half the time staring at the ground trying to convince myself to go on, I kept going! I was planning on keeping count and seeing my progress (or lack of), but the joy of burpees is things like counting become far too complicated. So, I have committed myself to this publicly, and am now wondering if I should hit ‘Submit Comment’.

    Thanks for the inspiration Ross!

  6. It’s very impressive what she is doing. The body is capable of amazing things. She could make even more gains if she added isometric training. Isometric training is one of the fastest and safest ways to add strength.

  7. Tara is amongst the most inspirational people I have seen so far on the internet, when it comes to training.

    She and her mentor Rocannon MacGregor are always worth checking out.

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