More Push Sled Ideas

In a past entry, I linked to a homemade push sled that was posted to my forum.  Here is one of the pictures:

Since posting the original entry, I’ve received several related emails from readers of the site. There have been questions, suggestions, and pictures of other homemade models. Unfortunately, I have yet to build one of these sleds myself, so cannot offer my own feedback. I plan to tackle the project once this winter’s snow has finally passed.

For now, I will use this entry to share some of the ideas and images that have come through via email. If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to list your comments within this entry.

First, here is a video of another homemade sled. It appears to be easy to build and rather durable. I also believe there are a few welder-free workarounds that could be used instead. I don’t own a welding machine so if I prefer to build without relying on one.

Next, here is a picture of a similar model that was sent to me via email. I do not know who created this sled. If the creator stumbles across this entry, please feel free to add comments regarding the construction and your experiences with it.

Lastly, here is another push sled that I came across from the old Animal Ability board.

Between these ideas, I believe I have enough information to put together a fairly easy to build and inexpensive push sled. I’d also like something that I can use without tearing up the grass. As soon as I have solid plans in place, I will update the blog.

In the meantime, if anyone has any ideas to share, please let me know.



  1. Ross,

    I have yet to build a push sled as well…I live in a TINY apartment with my wife, so I have to keep all my equipment in my car trunk and the back seat (my neighbors think I am NUTS since I workout in the public parking lot early in the morning..haha, thats cause I am!) Anyway, I think when i make one I will make it a mixture of the top picture and the middle picture, and make it such that it will double as a dip station.

  2. Hey Ross

    Thank you for this. It is amazing. In UK the Prowler, (well thats not what it is called here) they cost in access of £700. So I’l have to get my DIY hands ready for after Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. Nice looking sled but I don’t quite understand spending 175 on it.
    You can get a prowler for around 250. And it’s gonna be a lot more durable.

    If you get a design that is around 100, I can see it being worth the extra time to gather materials and put it together.

  4. go to a muffler shop bring them a few pizzas and a pipe+ a flat piece of metal(to hold the plates) from home depot and with a few bends/welds you will have a bad ass sled… pizza is inspirational to mechanics.
    also go when it is slow… mechanics get bored easily

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