RIP Vernon Forrest

As I’m sure you all know, former world champion Vernon Forrest was shot and killed last weekend. Sadly, this is the third former champion who has prematurely left this world in July (along with Arturo Gatti and Alexis Arguello).

Below is a Vernon Forrest tribute video that was recently added to Youtube…

You can also learn about some of the work that Vernon did outside the ring…

I was fortunate to have met Vernon a few years ago, and communicated with him on a few occasions. He was obviously a talented boxer, but also a genuine, respectable man who gave back to his community.

It is mind boggling to think that he randomly pulled into a gas station, and then moments later he was murdered by complete strangers. His death certainly brings truth to the words below,

“No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.” – Euripides

We all have bad days, but rarely does one think that life will be gone tomorrow. It is human nature to assume that we will continue to live another day. Tragedies such as the death of Vernon Forrest should remind us all that life can come and go in a split second. Life must be cherished, and never taken for granted.

My heart goes out to Vernon Forrest’s family. For those interested, you can find a guestbook at the obituary link below.

Vernon Forrest Obituary


  1. Ross,

    I have heard of the name, but didn’t know him until recently. I read up and watched the videos after his early passing. Really sounds like a good man!


  2. Can’t believe this has happend to Vernon and Arturo! Both trained by Buddy McGirt! Both were great guys, great fighters.

    What’s going on with Arturo’s death is crazy and I hope the truth comes out! I just can’t see Arturo killing himself! The Brazil nut job is trouble and I believe she’s involved.

    While living in Vero Beach I got to know Buddy, James Jr. along with Artruo and his outstanding trainer, Teddy, they lived directly across the street from my parents. We all became buddies and would go watch Gatti do his workouts. All of them were so nice towards my family and I and I’ll never forget the times spent with them.

    RIP Arturo Gatti and Vernon Forrest, gone but not forgotten!

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