Low-Tech/High-Effect Tire Training

Below is yet another excellent video from Dominic (aka the ideaman99 from youtube).

His work has been featured on this blog before (here and here)

As you will see within the video above, even a tire can be turned into a useful piece of exercise equipment. And to those who may be new around here, Dominic was born in 1941. If that doesn’t inspire you to get up and train, I don’t know what will…



  1. After the first time I visited your site, I went to a local car dump for a tire to use with my sledgehammer. Now I have some more inspiration 😀 68 wow. respect!

  2. That’s a great idea! I really like the idea of finding things around the house to use as exercise equipment. I will have to tell my friend about this.

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  4. Dominic is looking pretty damn good for a guy who is almost 70!

    Most guys in their 30’s don’t even have abs like that.

  5. Great inspiration! I just got myself a pair of used tires and built myself a home made sled, I wish I could look like that at his age!!!

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