1. Great read! lol.

    Man, how embarrassing would that be? Not only did you attack an elderly man — you got the @#$)(*@#)($* beat outta ya!!

    Good stuff :D.

  2. Man i would like to take boxing classes from him 🙂
    And to be faster with 72 years than a much younger person wow!!!!

  3. Good to read this story. 😀
    I think, no I hope this is a lesson for all those MoFo’s out there, and keep away from other people’s stuff

  4. Hey Ross, this is unrelated to the post but I came across this article in the New York Review of Books and thought you’d like to see it. You write often about letting kids grow and learn on their own without hysterical over-parenting. Seems like your concern mostly relates to kids’ eventual capacity for self-confidence and movement. This article is more about kids’ abilities to create and explore and be imaginative, which are obviously also so important (and disappearing). Anyway, here it is: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/22891.


  5. Stuff like this is part of the reason we exercise. Adversity has a way of striking unexpectedly. Those that are fit can probably deal with some adversity. Those that spend their time on the couch and in buffet lines probably can’t. Thanks, Ross.

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