David Smith Loses Over 400 Pounds

I recently came across a story on MSNBC about a man (David Smith) who has lost over 400 pounds. Several related videos can also be found on Youtube. Below is one of many:

David is also now starring in his own reality television show on TLC.

Here is a man who a few years ago contemplated suicide. He felt hopeless and had no desire to live. He wanted to disappear from the world around him. Just a few years later, he’s completely changed his life and is starring in his own television show. The drastic change that David has made certainly deserves a place in the inspirational section of this blog.

I do however realize that some may not find inspiration in such a story. An argument could be made that inspiration should instead be found in those who have been exercising all along. And while I understand these feelings, I still enjoy this story for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly, David Smith lost the weight without surgery. He used diet and exercise alone to lose over 400 pounds. Yes, he has had surgery to remove excess skin, but the actual weight loss itself came through hard work and discipline.

His story should certainly give hope to others who currently struggle with obesity. You do not need surgery and you certainly do not need anything fancy in terms of exercise and diet. A consistent and diligent effort has once again come out on top.

So often the obese feel hopeless. The marketing powers that be have convinced these people that pills and surgery are the only solution. I’ve had intelligent adults write me with the belief that it is truly impossible for them to lose weight. The honestly do not believe me when I tell them otherwise.

The often deceptive fitness industry unfortunately welcomes such feelings, as doubt leads to useless pill purchases (among other things). The industry doesn’t see a dollar when a man such as David Smith begins exercising in his home without equipment.

It’s nice to see major media networks paying attention to David Smith’s story. It should certainly give hope to those who are currently hopeless. Regardless of what others have said, anyone can lose weight with a consistent and diligent effort (both in the gym and in the kitchen).


  1. I think a thing to be reinforced too Ross, is it took him several YEARS. I am so much into immediate gratification, and even though my fitness efforts are FAIRLY consistent, when I switched up my diet to be healthier, I was discouraged because changes didn’t become apparent in DAYS ya’know??!! After plugging away at it for 6 months, I’ve lost 3lbs — but things are SO re-distributed and my strength gains are steadily climbing.
    Thanks for posting a story like this to remind us all that we’re ALL THE SAME under the fat or muscle.

  2. Maybe it’s not all inspiration to some of us, but for that person looking up some success story to get started him or herself, this is a great and very inspiring story. I think that the commitment het made to himself to change is life is inspiration enough for everybody.

  3. Great point about the fitness industry. We’ve all been conditioned to look for the quick fix, a pill to solve all out problems. It becomes hard for us to understand that sometimes we just actually work for what we want.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Ross. Anyone who overcomes a challenge like that is a true inspiration for the rest of us, whether we need to lose weight or not.

  5. I think there’s inspiration to be found in this for everyone. Even if you never let yourself slip in such a bad state or in bad shape at all, you still should be inspired by 2 things: the fact that this guy made the decision to achieve something, and the fact that he achieved it. This is what every athlete must do, and it will always be a challenge.

    And it’s a hell of an achievement, too – he has worked extremely hard to achieve it. Any athlete who has worked hard will respect that because they know it didn’t come easily.

  6. Success stories should be an inspiration no matter, but I can understand how some people may read it differently. Once upon a time, I, too, was extremely overweight. Then, one morning, I woke up and decided the day had come to change my life. And so I changed it – I lost more than 100 lbs. It took years. It took hard work. Very hard work. But still, I’m more embarrassed over the fact that I had THAT much weight that I had to lose, than I am proud about what I accomplished. Potato. Potahto.

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