Lono Tyson – 81 Years Young

If you’ve ever met someone who believes they are too old for exercise, consider passing along the following video:

Aside from the obvious impressiveness, I enjoy this video for the simple fact that the man seen throughout does what many from today’s era would consider too much. So often we are told what NOT to do as it will lead to overtraining, pain, soreness, etc.

We are unfortunately taught to baby the body, rather than use it. Limitations are imposed by people who have no idea what the body can or cannot do. Reading a book will not tell you what you can do with your body. A large part of the discovery process must occur in the gym.

Lono Tyson is a prime (real life) example of the body’s potential. I hope to be as active as him when I hit 80!


  1. A true inspiration. I still talk to people in their 30’s and 40’s who think they are to old to do that stuff. Now, another example that they aren’t and should.
    Thanks Ross for another great inspirational post.

  2. Ross, thank you for posting all these videos – I love watching these. This man is amazing and I hope we can all learn from his example.

  3. Thank you! I’m one of those guys in his 40s who’s just starting to get back to training (I’m a soccer goalkeeper). This stuff is just flat out inspiring. I had emailed Ross asking for some advice about starting back up and after seeing this section emailed back and said “never mind – I know what to do.” It’s all inside me, I just have to get back to unlocking it – seeing these videos has me pumped beyond belief. I feel like I’m in my 20s! Thank you Ross.

    PS – I was surprised to see some old goalkeeping exercises in your compilation video. Very validating.

  4. Awesome I love to see people like this guy! Thanks Ross. Many of the great strong man were/are like this. Dennis Rogers and Jon Brookfield are both over fifty and Slim Farman is over 70 still levering 25+lb hammers.

  5. This does not surprise me, for I worked with Lono back in the 1960’s. Lono was always doing something extreme on his off time, running, cycling, etc. Lono was one of the nicest guys I worked with over the years, very considerate to others. I am glad to have known him.

    Dick Singer

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