Below is an interesting article about the modern supplement industry:

What you don’t know might kill you

Many will be surprised about what really goes on behind the scenes of this $20 billion dollar industry (which is largely unregulated). For example, one 2007 study of 58 supplements found that 25% of them contained steroids or stimulants banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

The article above goes into much more detail regarding several related topics. It’s definitely worth a look…


  1. Great post, Ross. Why am I not surprised?

    Oh yeah, because it’s just like the footwear industry!! Did you see this article:

    My question is, where’s the regulation?! Obviously the general public doesn’t have the time energy or gumption to investigate this stuff themselves. Our government is supposed to watch out for us. Meanwhile, the market is flooded with this crap.

    But maybe that’s the wrong tack. Maybe you just have to speak the truth when the question comes up, and then let people make their own decisions. I know the people I’m friends with who take supplements (I do not take them, except for a multivitamin, and I’m even suspect about that) don’t want to hear it when I tell them what that stuff is doing to their internal life-support system (i.e., their organs).

    What’s your take, Ross?

  2. This is a great example of how far the steroids has grown in this sport. I don’t use any supplements. I do believe that pure training is giving more result, and that it will hold longer . Just watch your nutrition should be enough.

  3. I knew it. Nothing beats natural or organic food.
    Just look at the old time athletes, strongmen & bodybuilders. They could not use supplements, anyway they broke records and achieved phenomenal feats.
    If you have a balanced diet, this will do the job.

  4. The last time I saw Dr. Berardi of PN speak he was talking about this phenomenon. Some athletes have been disqualified due to unintentional doping — sure, it sounds highly suspicious — but it’s true. They’ve traced the source to various supplements.

    Lets hope this gets under control.

  5. Its pretty scary actually. Especially the fact that the industry is not really regulated. I have been taking MET RX Whey for a few years, occasionaly changing to other brands. The number reason i have stuck with MET RX is becuase of there reputaion. They have been around for many years delivering quality products.

  6. When I just started out, I was sort of wanting to take Hydroxycut.. but for some reason I never got around to buying one (thank God!). So far the only supplement I ever took in my life was Optimum Whey.. Which I only bought once ever. I stuck to real food after that.. Just doesn’t sit right in your stomach

  7. Having worked at a GNC I do beleive that some supplements are good as long as you remember the reason why you are taking them: To supplement. I don’t beleive in super high amounts of protein, in fact I think only 20-25 grams can be fully utilized per meal, with a proper amino content. 30-50 grams I beleive can be properly digested. Now multivitamins and fish oil are good too. And I think a little creatine can be ok here and there. But for the majority of the rest of the supplements-DONT waste your money, time, and health on them. Eating right is priority!

  8. Just make sure you know what you are using. I am affiliated with the number one vitamin co. in the world, Nutrilite. Its was the first co. to develop a multivitamin. Everything that comes from them is all natural, or they would not be able to sponser olympic athletes which they do. There is a ton of information on this co., if you want to know more just email me.

  9. I believe they are completely not needed @all . As a former fighter i had great success not using anything , not even a multi vitamin . Great post Ross .

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