Home Gym Pictures

In the past few weeks, I’ve made several references to homemade exercise equipment. I’ve also linked to this page from the forum (where instructions for several tools are listed).

Another popular page from the Training Equipment forum is the Let’s See Your Home Gym thread. There are hundreds of posts under this single thread, many of which include pictures of home gyms from around the world (from members of the forum).

One such member recently put some of these pictures together into a brief Youtube video.


I realize that most of us have unique goals, interests, and living arrangements, but you can likely find some useful ideas within the forum and video. It is useful to see how others make the most of their space if or when you plan to do the same.

Thanks to Lenny for the video (along with all of his help on the forum and blog).


  1. Thanks, KeyboardWarrior, for putting that together.
    RT is full of quality people. …why I’m allowed to hang around I’ll never know!

    Fantastic job & real cool of you to make the vid.

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