Pushup Dot Drills

Below is a video of a pushup variation that many will find useful.

Perhaps more impressive however is the fact that the man seen within the video was born in 1941!

I’ve seen people in the gym who were born in 1991 who would struggle with many of his workouts. For more information, you can view this past entry, as well as his Youtube channel.

As for the exercise itself, the dot drill mat seen in video retails for $69.95. Those looking for a cost friendly alternative may wish to use an anti-fatigue mat instead. Such mats are easy to find. Home Depot sells anti-fatigue mats in the carpet area. They are 36 inches wide and are cut to your desired length. You can see an old mat (purchased from Home Depot) in the image below.

The picture is 4+ years old, and the mat is a few years older. At the time, it sold for around 3 dollars per foot. I’m guessing the price has gone up slightly, but you’ll still save a significant amount of money when compared to the real deal. You could then paint your own dots.

Such mats can also be useful for exercises such as jumping rope (for those who train on cement floors). Horse stall mats can also be used, but are usually more expensive than the anti-fatigue mats.


  1. Frickin’ awesome…. the guys and gals at the studio are going to love (and hate) me for this one. Thanks for posting this, and I’m definately going to have to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

  2. Awesome!! Thanks for posting these Ross, i saw this morning and i went straight out to buy the goodies for the dip belt and i’ve built it and used it before lunch. Get in there!!

    As for ideaman, he is a legend!!

  3. He is such an amazing Grandpa! The body is much more capable. Thanks for posting Coach Ross. God bless.

  4. From what kind of material is the mat made? I’m Dutch, and do not know of anything we call ‘anti-fatigue mats’. Are the mats similar to yoga/exercise mats, or are they completely different altogether?

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