No More Excuses!

If you’ve ever met someone who regularly use the “poor me” excuse, I suggest that you share the story of Dana Shealy. She is a cancer survivor who had her foot severed in an automobile accident. Her leg was later amputated.

Neither the accident nor the cancer has held her back. Below she can be seen squatting 365 pounds and deadlifting 315.

Not too shabby for a woman who has overcome cancer and had to adjust to life with one leg.

What is your excuse?


  1. This shows how we all can continue after no matter what happens to us. No matter what the doctors tells us. If we are mental strong, and there is a will.

  2. I’ve got lots of people in my life who complain they just can’t get motivated to get in shape. I don’t put a hard sell on anyone, but I’ve shared stories like this. Not effective. The sheer extremity seems to cause a mental disconnect. It’s almost like they think, “Oh, sure, if I was in *that* situation, I would prioritize things differently. But I’m doing well enough as is.” Strangely, these are very motivational for me (and I work hard to stay fit), but that makes them seem like preaching to the choir.

    Anyone else had this reaction? Has anyone had any luck “converting” mildly dumpy middle-agers to fitness through one of these amazing stories? I’m all ears for suggestions.

  3. Thanks for the link. I just scanned a few of the comments, and they’ve already given me some ideas.

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