I am a champion

Below is a video of a pre-game locker room speech that I’m sure many will find motivational (thanks to Frank for passing it along). I wasn’t sure what to think when I first opened it, but I found myself ready to slam something by the time I was done watching. It’s one of the better pre-game speeches that I’ve seen. The coach certainly had his time fired up to go out and play some football.

A related link can also be found here with a modified version of the video.


  1. Wow. I needed this. I’m about to face a physical test that most people fail. I will not fail. I think I just found my new mantra! What a powerful site rosstraining is.

  2. That was an outstanding speech. Good thing it was the championship game. It would be hard to top that one

  3. Wow! Super inspiring speech! I don’t think someone could hear a speech like this and remain lazy or lack the desire to be a resilient fighter, even when life tries to bring you down! I don’t doubt those guys in that locker room will never forget that moment.

    Mad thanks for posting this, Ross.

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