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Those familiar with this site are likely aware of the homemade equipment section located within the forum. A direct link is provided below.

Homemade Equipment Archive

There have been over 100,000 views to the equipment link. I’m sure that I speak for many when I say that I’ve found and then built some useful equipment through this link. Much of my own gear is homemade.

Just recently I posted a link to a homemade dip belt. I was fortunate to have come across this idea while browsing through my own forum. I later updated the equipment archive to include the dip belt.

I’ve also stumbled across several other ideas within the forum. Two examples are provided below.

First is a homemade push sled.

Please note that the second image was taken before the handles had been cut to length. The original thread is listed below:

Homemade Push Sled

Next, a homemade strength apparatus can be seen. The creator mentions using this tool for exercises such as unstable pull-ups, dips, rows, flyes, and more.

The original thread can be found at the link below:

Homemade Strength Apparatus

Where am I going with this?

It’s obvious that we have some creative readers within the forum. Together, I’m certain that we can expand the homemade equipment archive. If you have any homemade equipment ideas, please send them over and I’ll add them to the site. A picture and a brief description is all that is necessary.

Now that the community is as large as it is, we can all benefit from each other. Saving money on equipment is something that I’m always looking to do. I’m sure that I’m not alone with this belief.

You can pass along your ideas to ross AT rosstraining.com, or send me a private message through the forum.


  1. ross,

    i still check back frequently to your homemade equipment links. phenomenal stuff. i love finding a product available in the marketplace, then figuring out how i can do the same thing for under $10 bucks. my wife laughs about how i have all this “stuff” (aka homemade equipment) in the garage. she just laughs and shakes her head as i tell her “don’t laugh at the treasures!” lol =-)

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