1. Great article Ross. I agree that passion is an important and training towards what your passionate about will really help you stay focused. I know too many people that workout just to try to look good but don’t have the passion to put in the effort to get there. They just think they are out of shape so they should be working out; but they make no goals to work towards. I think goal setting is definitely an important approach to remember why your in that gym every week.

  2. Ross,

    Thanks for another great article. Please keep up the good work. You are having a positive impact on lots of lives, including mine!

  3. Attitude is contagious, and this message has lots of passion, which is a great attitude for life. Ross, you may do it for yourself, but when you are on fire others come around to get warm!

  4. Great Article Ross!
    Whats even more amazing was that just today, before i read your article I set a goal for the year: to find my passion and start a business around it. I was writing some thoughts down and i was planning on emailing you regarding passion only to find that you just wrote a whole article on it! I`m amazed!
    Best Wishes

  5. i like to change what i train with too. i am glad i am not the only one. i get bored easily as well. usually, when something works though, i’ll get back around to using it eventually. like i haven’t used my pull up bar in forever, but i know i’ll be back in order to change it up, and because it was effective before.

    nice article. i told my niece (in junior high) the other day to “chase that sparkle”. you just named it “pick your passion”. whatever sticks out and holds a lot of interest to you, no matter what anyone else thinks, you have to chase it for you and you alone. as long as it is not self destructive =-)

  6. That article was a great read. I really enjoyed it.

    I think I’ve been lucky that I’ve found passion in my training. It keeps me motivated and makes training fun. I wish I could instill that same sort of drive into others in the gym, who look like they’re bored and just going through rote motions.

  7. Great article Ross! It’s just what I needed… Recently I noticed that I’m lacking motivation… I need to re-discover my passion and to renew it every single day in order to improve as a person and as a fighter… Thanks for the inspiration!

    Best Wishes!

  8. Wonderful article, Ross!

    Last year, I’ve suffered injury on my arms’ tendons that kept me away from the gym for approximately 8 months. Throughout that time I could not train and had to give it a complete rest. When I came back I realised I’ve lost big part of my shape. The important thing though, was that I didn’t quit because I had to start from the beginning. I thought of it as a new start on a clear track, which provided me with a complete new passion to my old goals, changed my tranining regimen and working as hard as ever!

    Hope your article’s message reaches more people out there, cause everything you said is true.


  9. Awesome article, Ross! As someone turning 60 this year and determined to get in the best physical shape I’ve been in for years, you really motivate me. I’ve also enjoyed your articles on ‘age’…please keep it up!



  10. You’re right Ross! I feel my training changes depending on my mood. Daily training is a must, but a positive mental attitude is what makes the difference.
    When you are able to develop it, then your training doesn’t end in the gym but continues in every moment of the day!
    Thanks a lot and good work!


  11. Gems of Wisdom again, thank you Ross.

    And it’s also not the first time I find myself thinking about the book called “Mastery” by George Leonard while reading these articles. Those who enjoy this site may find that book revealing as well – Ross included!

  12. Thank you Ross,

    Passion is something that has been lacking in my life for the past year. It has affected my writing, music, and my exercise regime. This article is something that I need to jump start my motor.

    peace and blessings

  13. As always Ross, your words never cease to inspire me and put me on the right path not only when it comes to exercise, but to life. I am eternally grateful.

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