87-Year-Old Bench Presser

If you think you are too old to exercise, take a look at this story:

87-Year-Old Bench Presser – Beatriz Maullins

Beatriz Maullins is 87, but her age isn’t slowing her down! She lifts weights three days a week, and in her words, “It just makes me feel alive.”

Oddly enough, I know exactly what she is talking about. In an article I wrote last week, I said the following,

“I come alive when testing my limits and seeing just how far I can go.”

I don’t have a monopoly on these feelings. Here is a woman approaching age 90 who shares the exact feelings. She can still find life and vitality in the gym. There are people half her age who can learn from her example. I still receive emails from men and women in their 30’s and 40’s who describe themselves as over the hill. Beatriz is over twice their age, and still going strong.

The next time someone suggests that weight lifting is dangerous I’ll pass along this story. I’m sure Beatriz would have plenty to say on the subject. Not only does it make her come alive in the gym, it also helps here enjoy life outside the gym. Exercise isn’t dangerous. Ignorance ranks much higher on the danger scale.

Push yourself based on your abilities. This simple advice applies to those in their 20’s and well as those in their 80’s. It is universal. Get up, get busy, and do YOUR thing.



  1. That is inspirational as usual. Good post Ross. I love to see people finding ways to be active no matter what it takes. I hope I’m still lifting as I get older.

  2. Wow, she had to has a lifelong training with common sense. Wow i know several people who are at their 40´s 50´s 60´s and who can even do pushups. They have made a few mistakes in their training and now can´t bench.

    But this post also remembers me of Milo Steinborn who also squatted into his 80´s, Sig Klein and of course Jack Lalanne.

    I wish that i can still train with bodyweight, equipment etc. when i´m in that age.

  3. I can some-what understand those individuals who feel they are past their prime in a sport as the decades accumulate BUT rather than complain, it might be time to re-focus on personal goals. By the time you hit mid-life and on, it is pretty nice to be able to still move and challenge your body – especially when so many peers are allowing age to handicap them.

  4. Nice to read the above very special article. I, too,am 87 and have much energy and contribute it to God blessing . Having nervous energy have been a constant doer. Started excersing for the first time in my late seventies and not all the time. Can well complete with ladies young enough to be my daughters.

  5. I can relate to this in a small way. I let myself go and I ended up overweight and out of shape. I was just about to hit 40 and I wanted to change. All the happy hours and eating out had to stop. I told my friends I was dieting and working out again. 9 out of 10 commented with discouraging statements……”your too old, why even bother, why waste your time”

    I truly believe when you stop your training you just give up. Needless to say I didn’t stop and used all the negative comments to fuel me.

    God bless those who dont give up. As the story above shows it pays off in the end.

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