More Proof That Age Is Just A Number

A week doesn’t pass without an email from a new reader to the site who feels over the hill in his 30’s or 40’s. They honestly believe that they are too old to turn back the hands of time.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had people telling me that I’ll be out of commission soon enough. When I was 18, people told me I’d be all banged up by 25. When I was 25, they told me I’d be finished by 30. When I turned 30, they told me I’d be done by 40. It’s as if people honestly don’t believe the body can keep on going.

I continue to tell others that the body will keep performing if it is treated properly, but there are still many who don’t listen. Fortunately, the video below offers visual proof. Actions speak louder than words, and this man is full of action.

At age 67, Dominic is able to perform movements and routines that would crush many 27 year olds. I don’t know the man, but I was certainly impressed after seeing his video posted on my forum. Everyone who saw the video had nothing but positive things to say, and most couldn’t believe that a 67 year old was in such tremendous condition. It isn’t every day that you bump into someone in their 60’s or 70’s who regularly cranks out pull-ups, pushups and burpees.

There are two things that I particularly like about this video. First (obviously), it’s great to see a man in his 60’s who continues to bust his ass and stay in top condition. What I also enjoy however is the relative simplicity of his routines. I don’t see any fancy equipment in his workout room. He is a perfect example of low-tech/high-effect.

Much can be learned from his example. Just think of the countless debates that regularly take place on fitness message boards. A day doesn’t pass without significant bandwidth being devoured by message board fanatics who split hairs over what they believe everyone should be doing. Debates rage on over various supplements, periodization models, training modalities, books, and so on.

Now think of those message board experts who spend day after day arguing over what they believe we should all be doing. How many will be capable of what Dominic is doing when they turn 67? I’d be willing to bet that very few will be anywhere near his level.

Perhaps they can learn from his example. Hard work and consistency often prove more valuable than any so called “state of the art” program or facility. Some get lost in paralysis by analysis while others just get up and go. Falling back on the basics doesn’t mean that you don’t understand more complex approaches. It simply means that you already know what works and won’t become lost in the endless search.

Thanks to the creator of this video for providing inspiration to many.



  1. Man,

    like i´m used to be when i watch the vids that you post, the vid took my breath away.
    Ross, that´s unbelievable, how a 67 old man is doing this.
    I mean a lot of people people of his age just want to stay at home and get bored of their free time.
    The most important sentence you wrote is “I continue to tell others that the body will keep performing if it is treated properly, but there are still many who don’t listen.”

    On one side are the doubters but on the other side their are the people who talk but don´t walk. I did for a few days, back in the days, but then i got mad and i just started to train.
    I mean if you´re afraid that you´ll do something wrong it will most likely happen.
    But isn´t the whole life contained with succession and failure.

    But when we bust our asses then may we gonna win or lose. Does not matter in either way we are learning.

    Great post Ross!!!

  2. Ross,
    As usual, great inspirational post! I’m 45 and aspire to what Dominic can do. I get discouraged at times, realizing I don’t have the recuperative powers of a 25 year old. But I also know it’s all relative and all we can do is our best every day.
    Your website is my touchstone.

    Thanks again Ross!

  3. Very inspiring, love the video and I will show it to all the people I know who say they are to old to really work out. It reminds me of a good friend of mine, who I looked to as a mentor. I met him when he was 63 at a local gym through a trainer there and he was training for a powerlifting competition. He worked out 5 days a week with heavy lifting and I trained with him when I could – working with him pushed me to to new levels (and his workouts always left me totally wiped out). His drive and conditioning was always an inspiration especially due to his age (though it would have been even if he were younger than me). No one should let age be a barrier to working out, life is short and and you live a better life when you exercise.

    “Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness” – Edward Stanley

    Thank you Ross, you never fail to inspire.

  4. That’s how everybody would like to look in his 60’s…
    It gave me some food for thoughts tnx a lot. I’ll send link to that to all my lazy friends 🙂 My father 57 years old and he’s in really good shape so far. He’s been involved in bodybuilding for about 40 years and has many awards and all but in recent years doctors found some problems with spine and joints and he had to switch over to running stretching and yoga instead of his favourite weightlifting,his flexibility is awful though but he’s alright. Never smoked,almost never drunk in his life. Thanks Ross for such inspirations I think such examples more valuable for all of us then examples of highest achievements of top world athletes. We all inevitably will come to that age and the biggest incentive is to come there healthy and active.

  5. Great post Ross. After seeing it last week it really makes me think of how I want to continue to live my life fit until the day I’m gone. Good for him for staying in such great shape. I forgot about extended push-ups I should really start training for those! They are awesome.

  6. That’s an impressive level of fitness. I’m half his age and there’s one or two exercises in that video that I still struggle with. I love the inspirational videos posted on this blog.

  7. “Falling back on the basics doesn’t mean that you don’t understand more complex approaches. It simply means that you already know what works and won’t become lost in the endless search.”

    Very profound words, and just what I needed to hear.

    Thanks, Ross!

  8. Wooo!!! Great Inspiration there. Im 42 yrs old and cant do most of those. But Im going to try. Gotta love Low Tech/High Effect. Great Video man!

    Peace Out!

  9. Hey Ross!!! It’s your Boy Chuck!!!

    Wow, now that was a good one, for the age of 67 to be able to do all of that and hold a physique like he has now that’ impressive. For people that don’t wanna get on there game, just look at this man and get off of your lazy asses, Ross this was a good one, you are the man!!!

  10. Hi Ross,

    I thought you might like that video too.

    Carol Evans, now 81 years old performs a 10 minute Long Cycle set.

    Carol had a terrible inner ear infection as a kid and lost a good portion of her equilibrium and hearing as a result. Always a very strong woman, both mentally and physically, she had gotten bored with normal gym fare and thought she might try the kettlebell class we offered-and she loved it. Carol began using a 10 pound bell for short sets and eventually got up to short jerk sets with the 12kg and 30/30 in the swing with the 12kg. She went over 180 in the snatch in ten minutes with one switch using the 8kg ball. She trained 4 days a week for 14 months.

    No time for making excuses, do something, anything!

  11. Great video Ross!

    Its funny though, you often hear people talk about being “too old” when they are in their mid to late 30’s let alone sixties. Some would say perhaps this is because people are uneducated in the knowledge that someone in their sixties is capable of having the strength and physique closer to someone half their age…

    …I’d say its more like ignorance.

    It takes some effort to ignore the physical conditioning of this 62 year old who occasionally attracts the attention of the media:

  12. Oh Man!!!!

    I am fifty and can outdo many half my age(thanks to Ross’s workouts) but this guy puts us all to shame. On the other hand it is extremely motivating…now I know what I need to shoot for at age 67!!

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