481 pounds at age 73!

Ron Ringewold is doing his part to show that age is just a number. At age 73, he can be seen pulling 481 pounds at the link below!


I’ve seen so many “experts” label certain exercises (such as the deadlift) as dangerous. It is nice to be reminded that actions speak louder than words. Another example can be seen within this past entry. The woman seen within is 63 years young and is pulling 300 pounds (perhaps more now).

To those who waste time arguing over dangerous exercises, why not take up a more worthy cause? Don’t you value your time? Does anyone actually believe that exercise is more dangerous than REAL problems such as drunken driving, smoking, gang violence, domestic violence, etc.?

Here is a news flash to those who need one. Exercise is safe and damn good for you!

Hats off To Ron Ringewold for showing what the body can do when treated properly.



  1. Great post Ross, as a chiropractor I couldn’t agree with you more. I am constantly encouraging people to exercise and to build up the strength in their lower backs since it is so neglected. People are told, and come to believe, that they shouldn’t work out their “bad back”. How in the world are they ever going to have a strong healthy back if they follow that advise??

  2. Oh, and Ron Ringewold, thanks for putting the fire under my butt, I love inspiring people who make me work hard! Great job staying strong (or becoming stronger!).

  3. Every time I come up with a new excuse, you put something up here that totally devalues it. In all serious, I truly enjoy stories like this. I can’t tell you the times that I’ve heard 40 year old somethings tell me that they can’t do something because of their age. When I point out someone their age (our older) doing something amazing, they reply “yeah, that’s because he (she) is a freak of nature. I say bullshit!!! No, that’s because they live there life to constantly make them self better as a person and they don’t listen to people like you. They get pissed and I laugh. Thanks again for posting!!!

  4. I know a couple of 70+ year olds still powerlifting, as well as some 60-70 year olds still doing olympic weightlifting.

    Dangerous is a word being banded about like candy these days, let’s stop trying to be “safe” and just do what we want to do!

  5. Ross,
    What inspirational people! I ove seeing people with an indomintable will like this! I’m 26, and one of my good friends is almost 71- he was a naval operative in Nam and he’s still a badass who trains daily!
    Great blog, like your books theyr’e chalked full of wisdom. It’s like many humans lose hope with time and trials. If people can regather and hold on to hope then they can live better lives. Ross, without a doubt your written materials have made my life and many others better. We all have to hold on to hope regardless of the price!

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