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I have been training for most of my life, and started my first website in 2001. I finally began filming workouts in 2003. Since that time, I’ve posted several videos to the site. Up until now, each video has been associated with a specific article or blog entry. Within each Youtube video description (the “More info” link at Youtube), there is a link back to the article.

Articles that include video are labeled at the link below:

I prefer to write articles that correspond with videos, so the reader can actually learn something, rather than simply seeing a few sample movements. I have made one exception however (below). After receiving several requests for a compilation, I have finally gotten around to putting one together. The end result can be seen below.

For those who are new to the site, it may be useful to read this quote from a past article:

I post video clips to the site to help readers spice up their own training routines. These videos offer a brief glimpse of what we do in and out of the gym. The clips are not meant to serve as complete workouts. I have read several message boards where readers misunderstood the video clips to be full workouts. They were under the assumption that the exercises should be performed one after the other, in the exact sequence. This assumption is incorrect. The videos simply offer readers with ideas to liven up their own workouts. Nothing more, nothing less.

Furthermore, no three or four minute video can summarize or do justice to hours of training each week, year after year. The videos offer just a brief glimpse at some of the many things we do at the gym.

Lastly, if you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Train hard,

Ross Enamait


  1. Wow, Ross! Great compilation. The jump rope routines and triple-clap pushups are Insane! Way to get after it and keep all your forum fans motivated.

  2. Excellent compilation and very motivating. My favorite part was the end; “More to come in the years ahead…” Looking forward to it. 🙂

  3. Hey Ross! it’s your boy Chuck. See that’s wtf i’m talking about man! Ha! YEAHHHHHH!!!! It’s crazy Ross cause we were just talking about something like this, & BANG! Out of no where comes this compilation & look at that More to come in the years ahead, just like casey said that had to be the best part of the video man. Ross you got me fu**ing amped man. Keep those videos coming man & man i’m praying daily for that video thing we talked about.So Witout further ado & i know i told you this a million times already. YOU ARE THE FU**ING MAN!!!!!!!

  4. That’s ridiculous. Everytime I think I’m getting in good shape, I watch your videos and they show me how far I have to go. You’re a stud; keep up the work so the rest of us know what to aim for.

  5. Great compliation Ross … as always, another one to get that blood flowing and help my motivation !!!

    Always amazing to see what can be achieved with hard work and commitment …. you are certainly a role model for me (not just the video’s, but your written material also)

    Song is “Indestructible” by Disturbed

  6. Ross, I know that you already know this but, every time I watch your video, it makes me want to push myself that much harder. They say that imitation is the most sincere type of flattery. I have followed your website for years and I feel that it has changed my outlook on life. I know that people think that this stuff only has to do with physical appearance but they couldn’t be anymore wrong. This truly becomes a positive way of life. I know we have all been happy to be on this journey with you and I thank you for your efforts and time. Now I gotta go knock out 50 Burpees before I hit the rack. Nobody said it was easy!!! -Brent

  7. Great video Ross it gives an idea of the quality material that you have been giving to us over the last number of years. Keep up the excellant work and continued success for the years ahead and thanks for the information and guidence that you give us.


  8. you are the man Ross,I am Antonio from Seville(spain) I recived your video and books,amazing,I PUSH MY CAR NOW AND RIDE MY MOUNTAING BIKE .That´s incredible how my Jeetkunedo work after 50 days of infinite intensiy-

  9. absolutley fantastic mixture video,beats any gym workout iv ever done..very motivational and the knowledge gained from your website is amazing..

  10. Thanks! We use your stuff regularly in training ourselves and clients. I turned my training partner from a hypertrophy freak into a conditioned monster with your books. Keep it coming.

  11. Ross…great compilation video. I just absolutely love your workouts man. Man…after off rosstraining for a good 2 months or so – man, I’m right back at it once again this time with healthier knees. There’s no way to put into words on such a masterful Infinite Intensity book. You definitely walk the walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Great video, you’re in awesome shape, my man. I love the stuff you’re doing and the way you think. I’m in the process of getting my own blog going; I think you and I can really work together to do some damage in this misinformed industry.

  13. hey ross! thanks for doing what you´re doing here and thanks for giving that much motivation and good advice in your videos and articles! i just love that stuff and how you are using ordinary things like that tire and a sledge and no high-tech gym equipment! and also thanks for the nice background music – it really does the job of pushing you forward man!

    best of luck for the ‘years to come’

  14. A-MA-ZED!
    You’ve gained another fan! I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog from now on.

    (directed here from Mark’s Daily Apple :D)

  15. Your clips and books have been instrumental to me changing the complete way I train. I’ve even added some techniques to the way I train my Soldiers. We use sandbags instead of dumbbells. The added benefit of grip strength means a lot when we potentially have to grab someone and take him to the ground.

  16. Speechless!!!!!

    When my friends think I’m off the chain. I send them to your youTube clips. That ‘standing ab wheel’ is outta control. I almost chipped a tooth trying it at home and the rope is FAST even in slo-mo!!!

  17. Guess your the guy people refer to when they say “theres always somone outthere better” like the guy before who says every time he thinks hes fit he watchs the vid and realises hes a long way to go. Well same applies here too. fantasic effort!!

  18. I can’t stop watching these videos over and over agian. Insane, anyone who works out would easily be able to respect that. This is one of the best sites I have ever found. I can’t wait to get your complete package of dvd/books. Thank you sooooooo much for the inspiration. This is EXACTLY what my life has been waiting for! Bodybuilding has got to the point of being boring and going though the motions. With only a few mild example workouts from both your vids and info, I already feel better all round. AMAZING!!!! THANKS!!!!

  19. Sick, just watched it again…… my jaw just dropped! I never noticed the triple slap push ups! I thought the behind the back was impressive! Not to mention the rope, DAMB man, if I can ever skip half as good I still wound’t believe it. I’d say the most impressive by far is the triple weighted vest, single arm roll outs. What the hell do you eat?????? Whenever I need a spark of motivation, I know all I need is 3min and 37sec of my time. Craziest workout I’ve seen, I couldn’t imagine the damage you would do in a fight………

  20. Hey ross man, just gotta say ive been looking at your site and videos for about a year now and your a legend man. I have started training like you man and i tell you what (you make it look easy) that strength system thing with pullup bar and dip bar is the best thing i have ever brought. Do you train with kettleballs?

  21. Ross, I ordered Infininte Intensity and Never Gymless 9 months ago and it is the best money I have ever spent. No nonsense, hardcore workouts! I love it. I constantly have people ask me at my gym what workout I am doing and I immediately refer them to your web sight. You are a machine and an inspiration, keep up the phenomenal work!


  22. It was great to see some doing such difficult workout with such a perfection. I also desire to be in the same shape as you are. you have greatly inspired me. Please also suggest on the diet. it will greatly help.

  23. Amazing job Ross, work like that is the definition of true dedication. You are like the Bruce Lee or Godfather of functional conditioning. I have followed your principles for 3-4 years now and my Thai-boxing? and Jiu-jitsu thanks you.
    Now only if you can find a way to convince sherdogs s&p forum members about “explosive training” you would be the Bruce Lee or Godfather of conditioning.

  24. anyone that thinks this wont work for them. do something else.
    because to tell you the truth i was doudtful and skeptical.
    well… after a few weeks into it.. iwas sparring with a big russian dude who was 6 ft and i am only 5,8 and before ross program i was getting my ass kicked because i gased out in the 3rd round. now after completing the 50 day program the oposite happened. i had more fun than before now he said i had slow down and take it easy.the funny thing is the coach said the same thing.
    ROSS is the king of sport supplement training in not just in boxing but sorts of intense sports such as hockey, mma , etc…
    any one who wants improve in performance ROSS is the man to call.
    when i was looking for it, I HAD TO FIND HIM!

  25. Ross, saw your clip on youtube and was immediately hooked. Starting training some of your exercises this morning. Tooo nice and it’s added a fresh dimension to my training. Way to go bro. I’ve even got some mates trying it out. Sweet! Greetings from Kampala, Uganda

  26. insane training, this is my first time visiting this site. i was just looking for some boxing tips, guesse i am at the right place.

    greetings from belgium.

  27. ross,

    I’m may be new to your site but I know the real deal when I see it – your videos are off the hook – i’m ordering your books and gettin’ busy!

    PS: love your writings and life philosophies – they’re just as motivating as your killer workouts! keep up the good work, man…


  28. Hi Ross,

    Just found your site via Google while looking for some good stuff about training.
    The site gos in my bookmarks, because there is quite a lot to read.

    Great philosopie!

    Best regards, John

  29. Dude why are you not in the olympics? WOW talk about a motivational video. I’m busting my butt to be able to standing roll outs and still have to use the wall in front of me…this guy does them with one hand…weighted. The freakiest thing is the bodyweight leg curls, ive never seen that accomplished. I don’t think many people truly respect what this guy is doing. The strength required to do what is done in this video is on par if not above that of gold medal male gymnasts.
    Bravo brother Bravo

  30. Oh i see, I’m going to rig that up myself also in my home gym. Quick response in the comments heh really separates you from the rest. Thanks again.
    Train hard
    -Jim from chi, il.

  31. Another option is to weld an end piece that fits around the barbell. A steel worker from one of the gyms we use made something similar. It came out very nice, but it isn’t something the average do-it-yourselfer would likely be able to build on their own.

  32. Hi Ross,

    Stumbled onto your website through a book review from (sunny england). I have to say as others have that when the pain starts when training the thought of you from this video enters my mind and urges me to carry on.

    Truly inspirational!

    I shall be reading / viewing on with a keen interest.

    Do you sell your products in the UK? If so where?

  33. Hi Ross! I must say that i’m in awe with a lot of the things you can do. I’m sure you get a lot of questions like this, but my curiosity is too much. The questions is regarding the weight you used in some of the exercises in the video and you personal bests (if you bother testing them that is).

    What is the weight of the dumbbell you pressed in the video?
    What is you personal dumbbell snatch, weighted dips and weighted pull-up bests?
    Can you do more and one OAC on each arm (for reps)?

    I hope you can answer, and that my questions didn’t annoy you to much :P.


    Best of luck to your and your trainees, regards Andreas:).

    1. @Andreas – Much of this video is extremely old. The presses were with a 125 pound d-bell, but that was probably 7+ years ago. I’ve gone heavier than everything seen in this old footage.

  34. Thanks for your answer Ross! Presses 125 pund dumbbell is still very impressive, your are an inspiration!

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