Free Interval Timer

A member from the message board has created a freeware interval timer that can be customized specific to your workout needs. The timer defaults to Tabata intervals but can be easily adjusted by scrolling to the Timer option from the toolbar (which is also where you Start and Stop the timer).

You can download this program at the following link:

Simply download the zip file, and extract all contents from the zip to the same directory.

Instructions per the official text file are listed below:

The following files should be included in the zip file:

  • Workout Timer.exe
  • boxing_bell.wav
  • boxing_bell_multiple.wav
  • puke.wav
  • rumble.wav
  • Workout Timer.txt

All files MUST be placed in the SAME directory in order for the program to work properly.

This program is freeware and is for all to use and is not to be sold. Please feel free to distribute this program to whom ever you choose, individual or otherwise. However, the author (C.L. Lewis) retains all rights and privileges.


  1. Ross pointed out that the email address is not correct in the text file that is in the download. I can be reached at Apparently I forgot the ‘@’ sign.

    Any comments, good or bad, or any features that you’d like to see, drop me an email.



  2. hey curt,

    i downloaded the zip file to my macbook and all six files were saved with just one problem. The timer itself would not open because i don’t have an application to open it, at least that what apple tells me. Will this program work with Mac?


  3. Hi, I have been using the timer mentioned above for a while. It wasn’t until my wife had a go and she pointed out that the timer was slow. When I timed it it was indeed 3 seconds over on every 20 second count. I then set it to 17 seconds instead of 20 second intervals. As you know 3 seconds may not seem long, but when you are busting your guts for 8 rounds it soon adds up. Hence I have downloaded the one shown here. Perfect “Timing” as it were.

    Many thanks.


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